3 Signs Your Store Signage Needs an Upgrade

Outdated signs are a massive problem in retail. They’re uninspiring, boring and regularly fail at achieving retail’s number one goal of driving consumers to make purchases. In fact, 68% of shoppers say a store’s signs are an overall reflection of its products and business as a whole. 

So what’s the solution to lackluster signage, you ask? Well, if you want to wow customers and empower your workforce, implement an eye-catching, modern digital signage platform. One that is purpose-built to tackle the many problems posed by retail environments. In the long run, it’ll save money, increase revenue, boost brand advocacy and increase worker productivity.

But, by itself, a network of flashy digital screens won’t cut it. Ultimately, the key to reaping the huge rewards from retail store digital signage is high-quality content. Indeed, like any other form of media, content is king and retail is no exception. Needless to say, your signs’ messaging—both employee-facing and consumer-facing—should be visually appealing, informative and, above all, engaging.

Digital signs work wonders in retail stores, when done right. If you don’t believe us, just let the statistics speak for themselves:

  • 47% of those who’ve seen digital signs in the past month specifically recall the ad
  • 20% of shoppers say they have made an unplanned purchase after seeing a digital signage ad
  • 8 out of 10 consumers have entered a store thanks to a digital screen grabbing their attention

With all that being said, here are three red flags that might mean your store is in serious need of a Visual Communications upgrade.

Underwhelming Signs

In retail, every opportunity to gain an edge on the competition counts. And sharp, visually appealing digital signs can boost your competitiveness in multiple ways.

Just think about it. Boring and bland traditional signs are more easily ignored by consumers and, in turn, they will be less likely to enter your store or when they enter, less likely to purchase your goods. For that reason, striking digital displays should be placed both inside and outside your brand’s locations.

On top of boosting sales, dynamic digital screens can be customized in a moment’s notice, meaning you can push brand identity, promotions and other timely information in real-time as a way to increase advocacy and improve your shoppers’ overall experience.

Digital signs also allow stores to drastically reduce overhead costs by eliminating the need to constantly print out physical signs to reflect new store-wide sales and product releases. Dynamic, digital signage allows you to simply and quickly deploy updates across any of your locations. Who doesn’t like saving time and money?

Disengaged Workers 

Without question, disengaged employees are the number one issue facing modern workplaces. And if you consider the massive ramifications—especially in the world of retail—it’s not hard to see why companies need to address the issue. As an example, stores with engaged workers report 18% higher customer retention rates, 21% higher productivity and a 28% decrease in internal theft.

 A comprehensive digital signage solution is the best tool to prevent worker disengagement. Four Winds Interactive (FWI) ENGAGE is one such all-in-one solution designed to engage employees at every level of your business—with 22 highly configurable, purpose-built applications and a powerful mobile app, delivering the right information to your workforce is easy.

FWI® ENGAGE™ gives companies the ability to display key performance indicators (KPIs), real-time sales data and core company values, inevitably leading to more engaged employees and, as a result, increased retention rates and decreased turnover costs.

Mediocre Sales Numbers

Like we mentioned above, retail—more than anything—is about pushing consumers to buy your products. And make no mistake about it, this is where digital signage for retail excels most. Primarily, this is accomplished with storefront and in-store advertising on your attention-grabbing displays.

The reason is simple. You only have so much time to make a lasting impression before a customer moves on to a different store. So, put your persuasive digital campaigns, branding, product information and promotions front and center where consumers see them quickly and can’t ignore them.

But don’t stop there. It’s vital that your messaging stands out from the crowded retail pack by making it authentic and personalized—a reflection of what modern-day consumers increasingly expect. This means gobbling up all the available data at your fingertips to understand your customer base. And, subsequently, push highly targeted content across your store’s many screens.

Lastly, don’t forget to boost brand loyalty using in-store kiosks and mobile integration as well as special deals for returning customers.

All things considered, your signs go a long way in determining your store’s overall success. And, without a doubt, by implementing digital signage, your retail environment will be more intriguing in the eyes of customers and more motivating through the lens of your employees.

How could you see your store using digital signs? Share your ideas below. 

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