4 Ways to Use Digital Signage in Manufacturing Facilities

In a manufacturing plant, there are many different moving parts that need to come together in order to meet objectives, fulfill orders and attract new business. From administration, managers and assembly workers, to maintenance and transportation staff, everyone has a role to play. Communicating with everyone can be difficult in such a fluid environment; however, digital signage is the perfect solution.

FWI offers digital signage systems designed specifically for the manufacturing industry. These digital tools can help you communicate with employees, manage work and meeting schedules, spread information and measure the job performance of individuals and entire departments. If you want to continually improve and streamline your operations, FWI has the perfect tools to help.

  1. Digital signage can harness your data to rev up production.

You have orders to fulfill and objectives to reach by specific deadlines. You keep records and data to track where you are in the order process. FWI’s digital signage CMS integrates with your own back-end systems to display real-time data on screens throughout your building, across as many locations as you need. Displaying your data in visually engaging ways can help spur action and encourage everyone to meet company objectives. Simply determine the key metrics you need to display–from order status to floor performance–and broadcast that information to those who need to see it. You can even show targeted data that pertains to specific departments or areas in the plant.

Integrates with every major back-end system including:



One World


  1. Digital signage can display status of orders.

By showing queuing and line performance, employees on the floor are always able to track where they are to keep up with expectations and deadlines.

  1. Digital signage can improve safety.

Manufacturing sees a higher rate of work-related injuries and illnesses than any other industry. There are many safety issues, from machinery and dangerous chemicals to long-term exposure or repeated movements that result in injuries or illness over a period of time.

Here are some 2016 injury and illness statistics according to the U.S. Department of Labor:

  • There were 118,050 injury and illness cases that resulted in employees missing days of work (DAFW)
  • Workers who sustained injuries or illness missed an average of 9 days of work
  • Injuries to production workers accounted for 64% of total DAFW injuries
  • Injuries to transportation and material moving workers accounted for 18% of DAFW injuries

Digital signage can increase safety by displaying messages that can help reduce the risk to your employees. According to Digital Signage Today, “Oftentimes, ROI of digital signage for businesses is spoken of in terms of cost savings, measured impact on sales, improved customer experience, brand reinforcement and the like. But when it comes to manufacturing plants, ROI is often first realized with an improvement in safety.”

One way digital signage can help improve safety is by displaying count-up clocks that reset after each recordable incident. You can also highlight safety rankings by team and display relevant safety instructions so that your workers are constantly reminded to be on the alert.

  1. Digital signage can help you communicate with employees.

From assembly line workers and floor managers who never sit at a computer to drivers who are always on the go, it can be nearly impossible to communicate with employees in a manufacturing facility. Digital signage can make it easier when you install screens in places where employees meet or socialize, including break rooms and eating areas. You can display company messages, information about upcoming events, floor schedules and assignments and more.

Case Study: Leading Aerospace Manufacturer

FWI worked with a leading aerospace manufacturer that employs over 160,000 people in 65 countries and maintains 1,600 buildings. When the company realized its Visual Communications systems couldn’t keep up, it turned to FWI. They wanted a single solution that would allow them to engage and inform their workforce while streamlining internal communications at each department, division and location. The solution also needed to be adaptable, scalable, and flexible enough to work in multiple environments.

After phased rollouts, and a series of successful implementations, the company now manages content on 2,000 screens in over 100 buildings. The company’s IT department oversees software implementation, while each location manages its own content. This enables them to have a cohesive internal communication system mixed with relevant general and location-specific information. No matter what building, division or location, everyone has access to the information he or she needs.

Communicating with employees in a manufacturing plant is never easy, but FWI digital solutions can turn communication into a well-oiled machine. Contact us today to get started.

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