5 Reasons You Need Digital Signage Wayfinding at Your Next Event

Do you still use old-school easel signs and ushers? Although relatively effective, traditional wayfinding strategies can be inefficient and time-consuming. With traditional wayfinding, ushers find themselves so focused on providing directions that they forget to address the more important aspects of the event. Digital wayfinding signage, on the other hand, takes into account the seamless integration of graphic elements and design.

A successful digital wayfinding signage system should be accessible to all visitors, and important elements such as identification, orientation and destination should be included. Most importantly, these elements should be incorporated into the overall architectural design, together with graphic, audio and tactile communications. Wayfinding plays a major role in ensuring a positive guest experience, and here are a few ways to use digital wayfinding signage at your next event. 

With digital wayfinding, visitors can familiarize themselves with entrances, street addresses, buildings, rooms, facilities and other places they need to go. Instead of using traditional easel signs and printed directories, LCD or LED boards packed with relevant information are a better solution, due to their multi-sensory capabilities that can cater to the varying needs of visitors.

Four Winds Interactive’s (FWI) Visual Communications Cloud can be used for digital signage wayfinding. When placed in strategic locations such as a building’s main entrance, egress points and junctions, these signs can show visitors vital information about the facility.

Dynamic maps, multi-stage wayfinding and directional signage are better than offline maps

Dynamic 2D or 3D maps, multi-stage wayfinding and directional signage, particularly when used together, provide a more comprehensive wayfinding solution. Interactive maps, complete with point-to-point directions provide visitors with an immediate layout and clearly defined path to their destination. And then a combination of directional and dynamic digital wayfinding signage can help guide people as they move through you space to their desired destinations.

Mobile wayfinding can provide animated route paths

FWI’s Mobile wayfinding, when integrated with digital signs and dynamic maps, can enhance a visitor’s wayfinding experience even further. The technology works by sending map details to a visitor’s phone through SMS, email or integrated QR code scanner. When activated, an HTML page which contains a visitor’s GPS coordinates and consequently the GPS of their target destination populates. Animated route paths and turn-by-turn instructions will also be displayed, guiding them every step of the way.

Digital wayfinding signage can integrate with your event database

Digital signage wayfinding, when integrated with a company’s event database, reservation or scheduling system can be a dynamic and real-time solution that provides visitors with highly relevant information about the facility. By utilizing FWI’s wayfinding solution, event organizers can highlight specific places, rooms and locations to correspond to the map listing. This will enable visitors to easily identify where they are headed. In addition, digital wayfinding signage can also suggest event activities near the visitor’s location.

Wayfinding digital signage is also considered dynamic because it allows multiple changes as the day’s event itinerary progresses. Through FWI’s Integration Framework, digital wayfinding can integrate with any database through an application programming interface (API) that securely pulls data from any reservation, event or CRM system.

Digital signage is infinitely configurable

Digital signage wayfinding is perfect for events because it is configurable. Maps can be updated to the most recent 2D or 3D building model and pathways, roads, bridges, landmarks and more can also be updated. Finally, digital wayfinding signage can reinforce consistent and strong branding by standardizing all colors, templates, fonts and spacing across all digital boards.

Digital wayfinding signage enables companies to create a strong wayfinding strategy by taking into account a seamless integration of graphic elements and design through a powerful combination of hardware, software and architecture. For your next event, do away with the easel sheets and ushers. Instead, switch to digital signage wayfinding and benefit not only from a lean and efficient process but also from a graphically rich wayfinding experience.

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