5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Productivity Momentum

It’s the new year and with it comes the mindset of “New Year, New You” where we set goals and resolutions for ourselves. Studies have shown that if we stay consistent for an average of 66 days, the success rate of us reaching our goals increases exponentially. 

The key to consistency is to maintain productive with a purpose. Feeling accomplished at various stages during your journey helps keep you motivated. Here are 5 tips to stay productive and focused each day.

1. Morning Routine:

We’ve all heard it before… that strict morning routine is key for a successful day. What you include in your morning routine can and will vary depending on whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, but the point is, be consistent with your morning routine.

  • Wake up at the same time every morning, despite what your plans are for the day.
  • Give yourself time to “wake up” through meditation, exercise, reading, etc.
  • Eat breakfast or drink a smoothie, and take your vitamins.
  • Pack your lunch and healthy snacks – it’s healthier for you and saves money in the long run.

2. Write it Down:

The truth is, nothing happens unless you make it happen. With the speed of business and life today, it’s hard to keep everything in our heads without the need to jot it down somewhere to help us remember and stay focused. The process of writing things down also helps us track our success for the day and feel accomplished. 

  • Set an agenda for the day.
  • Maintain your to-do list and actively check off items as you accomplish them.
  • Track your expenses and monitor your budget as you spend. This is a common resolution for many at the outset of every New Year—and for financial freedom to occur, you need to have a clear picture of where your hard-earned money is really going. Those daily lattes add up!
  • Track your food and water intake as well—staying healthy should always remain at the top of your priority list. If you write it down, you can’t deny you’ll stay focused on accomplishing your goals—whatever they are.

3. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses:

We each have that one thing (or two) that we tend to procrastinate doing. It’s helpful to know what your strengths and weaknesses are as you prepare to set a plan of attack for the day, week, month, year…… Tailoring the steps to reach your goal to maximize and monetize your skills, experience and expertise is of great value to your success.

  • Get Excited. When you’re excited about something, you tend to work harder and do better. So, find the right formula to keep your excitement going, and carry momentum into your peak performance zone.
  • Know when you’re bored. Being cognizant of your boredom triggers to prevent pesky, avoidable challenges. Boredom leads to non-productivity. Make change a constant so that you can remain productive and effective.  

4. Take Breaks:

Mental breaks are a must-have. Everyone needs time to reset and refresh both mentally and physically. Take this time for you… even if it’s a few minutes, it can’t be skipped if you want to remain at the top of your performance level.

  • Exercise. Meditate. Take a walk.
  • Read. Write. Learn.
  • Volunteer. Cook. Craft. Enjoy your hobby.
  • Avoid technology—TV, social media, gaming… all distract from giving your brain the mental break needed to truly refresh.

5. Nighttime Routine:

This is when you should really focus on non-work-related opportunities—spending time doing whatever brings you happiness and joy. This is the time of day for you to reap the rewards of working so hard, staying focused all day and making gains toward your goals.

  • Stay consistent. Your sleep is critical to prepare your body for another day, so remember that you really need to go to bed at the same time and get a consistent number of hours of sleep to refresh.
  • Stay away from technology. Winding down with social media, emails, TV are all disruptive to a good night’s sleep. Trust me… it will all be there waiting for you in the morning…tomorrow is as good as any to reply or scroll through that newsfeed.  
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