Big Ideas at NRF's Big Show 2016

NRF’s Big Show in 2015 was exactly that: BIG. I was looking at the numbers from that show, and there were over 33,000 people in attendance. Well, I’ve got to say, from the crowds I saw last week, this year’s Big Show was even bigger. 

With literally miles of expo space to look through plus all of the presentations and special sessions available, it might seem tough to nail down a common theme. Sure, it was all centered on retail, but this year, more than any of the others, I noticed a consistency between the speeches and the expo. There was such a noticeable focus on technology. And not just how important technology is on the customer experience, but how it stands to impact each part of the retail business. 

I’m happy (and a little proud) to say that our booth at this year’s show was an experiential representation of that very idea. Instead of telling them how visual communications would impact their business, we got to show them. 

The FWI booth was split into 4 sections, each focused on a different aspect of the retail business as well as some of the challenges native to each part. We got to show people how visual communications can impact a retail store, corporate office, employee break-room and warehouse. With different screens in each section featuring relevant pre-built, configurable apps from the FWI Store, it was easy for expo attendees to visualize how the right information on the right screen in the right location could improve the way business gets done. People were excited.

If you’ve never been to the Big Show in New York City, go next January. It’s that simple. Just go. NRF’s Big Show is a meeting of thought leaders and a breeding ground of innovation. It’s well worth your time. When you go, make sure to stop by our booth and see how a powerful visual communications platform can help streamline each part of your business.

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