Bring Your Global Offices Closer Together With Digital Signage

One Communication System to Unite Them All 

Good communication among employees is essential in any organization. If the lines of communication aren’t open, it's easy to miss opportunities and make mistakes, costing the company money. Even with small businesses, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks. However, the problem becomes magnified for large corporations with multiple offices in different locations. So, how do you speak to everyone in a comprehensive manner to let employees know about important policies, goals and objectives? The solution for these global conglomerates is digital signage. 

Problems Associated with Communications in a Global Workforce

Yes, instant communication is the expectation today, but it’s not always easy to ensure that everyone is on the same page, meaning that without a way to deliver consistent information, people are receiving mixed messages, instantaneously. This can be especially true when talking about corporations with multiple locations. People may be in different countries and time zones, and they can have completely different core duties and objectives. One location may be focused on sales and marketing, while another is manufacturing parts. There may also be different offices for various sales regions, each needing a mix of unique, localized content and global, corporate messaging. 

This can create problems. There can be a loss of the spontaneous communication (and frankly bonding) that happens when employees all work together for a shared goal. Complicated work assignments can become even more difficult when people work in disparate locations. There is also a lack of team cohesiveness, with different business groups “doing their own thing.” There may also be a lack of understanding of local customs and cultures in the different regions and countries. Employees in remote locations may even start to feel like they aren’t as important, creating resentment and increasing turnover. Digital signage can help solve these issues.

Communicate With Your Global Workforce With Digital Signage

A comprehensive Visual Communications system allows large corporations to bring all of their team members together, no matter where they are in the world.

FWI can help transform how you speak to and inform your global workforce. With digital signage, you can display:

  • Corporate messages
  • Announcements
  • Updates on procedures and processes
  • Production goals
  • Real-time sales and performance results
  • Messages from HR
  • Information about upcoming events

These solutions are scalable and flexible, allowing for uniform, branded messages across all locations, while leaving room for each office to display relevant, location-specific information.

Engage Your Global Workforce with Digital Signage

If you want to bring your global workforce together, there’s no better way than FWI® ENGAGE™. The system has 22 configurable core applications that allow corporations to deliver meaningful content to employees across multiple locations.

Key benefits:

  • Fosters a sense of shared company culture that keeps employees informed and engaged
  • Boosts workforce retention and decreases turnover costs
  • Offers a powerful mobile app to extend the reach of your engagement initiatives

Multiple Ways to ENGAGE a Global Workforce With Digital Signage

FWI ENGAGE is useful for a variety of business communications, from corporate messages and product releases to upcoming events. You can also use applications to announce promotions within the company, employee recognition, connect with social media feeds, display customer feedback and more. Plus, you can integrate FWI ENGAGE with your internal business systems to display key metrics that can empower your workforce to meet company goals.

Communicating with employees based in remote locations across the country or the globe is a challenge that easily solved, with the right tools. FWI ENGAGE offers the complete package, letting you bring everyone together, create a cohesive corporate culture, increase employee retention and meet organizational goals. Contact FWI today to get started.

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