Can You See the Benefits of Visual Communications?

The bottom line matters. That is an undeniable fact of business, so if increasing the bottom line is of interest to you, read on. Four Winds Interactive (FWI) helps a myriad of businesses drive engagement, sales, and ROI with innovative visual communications. No matter whether you are looking to inform and engage internal assets or develop clearer ways to communicate with current or prospective clients, FWI has a solution which delivers dramatic results. Industry agnostic, visual communications allow any organization to electronically display relevant content to whoever needs it. Already part of the mainstream media mix in the retail, hospitality, transportation, healthcare, higher education, financial, and internal sectors; this form of communication is experiencing exponential growth because it is applicable to every industry.

Scalable in nature, visual communications can be customized to your specific audience, delivering the most pertinent information when and where it’s needed most. The ability to share real-time information allows the end user to move forward and make educated decisions. In the retail space, this informed decision making leads to an otherwise unrealized avenue for revenue growth, and an equally appealing rise in productivity when used as part of an internal communications strategy. This customizable user experience results in a proliferation oftar knowledge and engagement which also increases loyalty, no matter which audience you are targeting.

With interactive wayfinding, virtual concierge platforms, employee communications tools, marketing promotions applications, and emergency messaging as the benchmarks; new ways to utilize and capitalize on the digital layer of visual communications are being discovered rapidly. Each new discovery directly connects an audience to information which is best placed to impact and benefit them. The ability to customize and tweak visual communication quickly allows companies to remain relevant as things change instead of trying to make one static message fit for everyone.

Visual communications also lead to a unique opportunity for decreasing costs. Information can be displayed and updated easily across multiple platforms, effectively eliminating print costs. Over time these savings add up and are impressive in their own right. However, when you also factor in the increased sales or productivity numbers, the overall impact on the P&L statement is staggeringly positive.

The best part about this form of digital communication, however, is that it can be displayed anywhere, for any purpose. From mobile devices through tablets, computers, and even large video walls, you can choose the ways in which you impact and interact with an audience, and then maximize their experience.

Visual communications will continue to drive the success of the companies that embrace this growing trend, effectively contributing to that all-important bottom line figure. 

FWI Releases Native Application for iOS
FWI Releases Native Application for iOS

Utilize an iPad for digital signage or interactive kiosk applications with Content Player for iOS

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