Casino Digital Signage: The What, the Why and the Where

From the massive video walls that draw you into the casino’s front doors to the wayfinding displays that keep you there, casinos know all too well how to maximize the potential of digital signage. Plus, when compared to traditional billboards, casino digital signage can be used for more than just sales and marketing. In this blog, we’ll show you how to use digital signage in casinos, including where to implement it, what technology to use and how to make the most of your investment.


Casinos are large facilities with lots of cross points and interlocking paths. When used for wayfinding, casino digital signage enables efficient visitor self-service, increasing customer satisfaction and staff efficiency. When placed in strategic areas, casino digital signage allows most guests to find their way around the facility without needing to ask staff for directions, reducing their frustration and allowing casino staff to focus more on their job. The key here is using the right technology.

Four Winds Interactive’s (FWI) wayfinding solution can render dynamic, three-dimensional maps that can give guests turn-by-turn instructions to their target destination based on their current position. Once they know which way to go, the dynamic map can quickly be sent to their cell phones via email, SMS or QR code scan. Another good thing about FWI’s wayfinding solution is the capability to view a multi-stage map of the casino, making it easy for visitors to see where they are in the facility and to which floor they are heading.


There are countless ways to use digital signage in casinos; perhaps the most popular of which is promotions. We’re all familiar with the large digital signage displays in casinos, placed throughout the casino, showing the latest promotions and events. Countless studies have revealed the essential role of digital signage in boosting sales and brand awareness. Did you know that with the right message and a strong call to action, digital signage in casinos can get the attention of a visitor for up to three seconds? That’s enough time to encourage them to act.

Casino digital signage is perfect for promotions not only because its high-definition screens and crisp display command attention, but it’s also more cost-efficient than many other forms of advertising. Unlike traditional casino marketing and advertising strategies, digital signage allows for the frequent replacement of content without having to go through a long design and printing process. Content can be easily created from various FWI templates and can be scheduled to update or change relative to the time of day or target audience.


Casino digital signage plays a strategic role in cross-selling, especially when it’s linked with all the branding and marketing messages in the facility. With over 60 percent of purchasing decisions made at the point of sale (POS), casinos can maximize the benefits of digital signage when they hone in on cross-selling. The secret lies in effective brand positioning, integrating the product into the casino experience and making sure that guests feel they made the right purchase after they buy.

Once you craft your cross-selling strategy, you can leverage the power of digital signage technology. FWI’s Visual Communications platform can integrate with a casino's guest loyalty and event management systems to help further promote cross-selling opportunities.

Patron Interaction

Providing a top-notch casino experience to each and every guest is the key to a longer stay and future return visits. How you use casino digital signage to achieve this is primarily dependent on the technology selected. For example, you can use the Game Finder app to help guests find the game they’re looking for, or you can use the Virtual Concierge application to provide guests with information about the property and its amenities. It’s a good way to promote sales and events and give guests more information about the casino's services.

Reinforce Brand Image

The ways to use digital signage in casinos to reinforce brand image can vary for every organization. However, to maximize your digital signage return on investment (ROI), it is best to use casino digital signage not only for tangible quick wins such as cross-selling and promotions, but also to reinforce your brand image.

FWI has a lot of ready-made applications that are configurable and can mesh with any casino’s branding strategy. Use the Video Wall application to demonstrate the experiences you want to promote and immediately capture the attention of guests. Video walls can also integrate with social media to showcase customer posts, highlighting how the casino takes a more personal approach to ensuring its guests are taken care of. 

By leveraging content, business intelligence and staff knowledge, casinos can continuously improve the guest experience. Remember, the success of using digital signage in casinos is not solely dependent on the technology used. Rather, a robust strategy is necessary to maximize all the components that are already in place. And most importantly, don’t forget that at the end of the day, catering the experience to each guest is what keeps them coming back for more.

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