Convention Centers & Digital Signage: What You Need to Know

Digital signage can be deployed in a variety of ways, across virtually every industry, but it is particularly useful in convention centers. Just consider how many people pass through convention centers during events, and then think about how many different convention signage applications can be used to improve the overall visitor experience.

During a conference or event, visitors need to know what's going on, where to go and what time things are happening. There are many benefits to using digital signage for convention centers but before you go jumping into an installation, here are a few things you should know about how convention signage technology fits into these spaces.

Plan for an informative network

Prior to installing a digital convention signage network, you should plan accordingly. Hiring professionals like FWI to ensure your mission and goals are applied throughout all aspects of your project sets your implementation up for long-term success.

And when you’re creating a digital signage plan for your convention center, it’s imperative to make sure you look at the entire space holistically. This approach lets you create a comprehensive network of informative displays across your convention center.

Trust the Visual Communications specialists to help to develop your strategy and install a powerful platform that is scalable, flexible and can handle each of your convention signage requirements. From small meeting room signs to event readerboards and massive video walls, digital signage technology brings convention centers up to today’s standards for communications.

The following are some of the various benefits of implementing digital signage in your convention center:

Continually update schedules / consistent messaging

One of the main use cases for digital signage in convention centers revolves around event scheduling. If event times or rooms change, that information can be updated in real-time across reader boards and wayfinding stations throughout the building. Without this type of access to information, a change in schedule can result in decreased visitor engagement and participation.


Unlike print signage, digital signage can be customized with branding and other unique formatting. This allows you to easily update your meeting room signs and other applications to include customer logos and brand standards. That type of convention signage customization can be a differentiating factor for your facility. Plus, by upselling the branded event spaces, you can create an additional source of revenue.

Social media and mobile engagement

With clever hashtags and social media campaigns, convention signage can engage attendees like never before. In addition to enabling your visitors to engage with your displays via social media integrations, you can also leverage a customized mobile application to provide every visitor with comprehensive and intuitive access to information about your facility.

Wayfinding and maps

Wayfinding solutions are incredibly popular in convention centers because in large facilities, it’s sometimes difficult to navigate to specific events or rooms. Informational and directional content will help visitors find where they need to be—decreasing confusion and improving their overall experience

Generates revenue

You can increase foot traffic and subsequent sales to your onsite food and beverage options as well as promote your facility’s services by displaying relevant information on your screens. You can also sell advertising packages to vendors and exhibitors.

More offerings to exhibitors 

Convention center digital signage also lets you: Provide guests with high-tech, interactive experiences Live-stream events, so people can still see what’s happening as they move through the facility, broadcast messages in multiple languages to reach the largest audience possible, display useful data like the time, weather, schedules or even local traffic and flight information, provide people with instant and up-to- date emergency messaging if the need arises.

The benefits of digital signage in a convention center are clear.  The attendees are better informed, more engaged and more likely to take advantage of your facility’s services.

Exhibitors are able to interact with guests on a deeper level, advertise their services beyond the booth and live-stream their events. And the ultimate benefit goes to you: the person who made the decision to install digital convention signage in the first place.

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