Create the Hotel Lobby Guests Want With Digital Signage

Your hotel lobby should always make a striking first impression. As technology becomes prevalent in architectural design, there will be an increase in the presence of digital signage. Every industry is hyper-involved with the customer experience, but when it comes to hospitality, the guest’s opinion is critical to success.

There are many different ways hotel digital signage can improve the guest experience. And in order to create a memorable guest experience with Visual Communications, you should leverage multiple solutions, including wayfinding screens, virtual concierges, video walls, readerboards and more.


If you’ve traveled through any airport in the past five years, you may have noticed that you can check in through a digital kiosk, rather than wait for an agent. The same technology is now being utilized in hotel lobbies and now guests no longer have to wait to check in. As soon as they enter the lobby, they can approach a kiosk and immediately confirm their reservation. Some kiosks can even schedule luggage pick up and a car service, too.

This type of digital signage works wonders in thriving hotels with an incredibly busy front desk. What adds to the guest experience here is the convenience of skipping a line and getting your guests up to their rooms faster. Facilitating the check-in process also frees up agents for other guest questions.


Wall-mounted displays and free-standing digital kiosks are a streamlined way to give guests access to important information. Readerboards are a type of display generally used to convey large amounts of information that people can easily consume on the go or while waiting in line. When placed in the lobby, they can present important information to guests like:

  • Check-in/Check-out times
  • Local weather
  • Traffic
  • Public transportation
  • Restaurant hours
  • Info on amenities like the gift shop, spa, and pool

In addition to providing basic information, displays can also be used to direct guests to the various revenue-generating areas around your property. Targeted messages can be used to upsell and direct guests to specific areas you want to cross-sell or promote. For example, you may choose to display a QR code for coupons along with your restaurant hours to spur extra revenue.


Navigation is a concern for any person that ventures into a new place, and hotel lobbies can be quite a cluster of activity. Hotel digital signage that directs people is a huge relief for the front desk and also frees up the concierge to plan for guests, rather than simply spouting directions. 

Wayfinding and navigation software can guide guests through every inch of the hotel, while also providing useful maps and tips. In addition to wayfinding displays in lobbies, these solutions can be placed at crucial junctions like elevators, common areas and hallways. Just like readerboards, wayfinding displays can also be used to guide guests to areas that increase revenue, like restaurants, bars and casinos.


A virtual concierge is a prime example of how hotel digital signage can educate guests. Interactive digital displays are a great way for people to learn about the local community, attractions and special events. The technology is also effective at directing guests to landmarks and places of interest (like shopping malls or entertainment centers). 

QR codes can also be used to promote guest activities in conjunction with hotel packages. Digital displays can endorse key offers, coupons and vouchers for local activities and events. Local vendors can also advertise with lobby signage to educate guests on neighborhood deals, which also serves as an additional form of revenue for your hotel.


Improving the guest experience is one of the best ways to increase revenue. Why? Because people like to spend when they are having a good time. According to the Harvard Review, guests who noted having the "best experience" in a hotel, spent 140% more than those with a "poor experience."

Video walls have been a prime vehicle for delivering an engaging guest experience through digital signage. Their size and placement is designed to capture guests’ attention. It is nearly impossible to miss a giant wall featuring digital content in a lobby.

By streamlining daily processes like navigation, informing guests at the drop of a dime and educating them on the local community, digital signage technology continues to maximize the guest experience at hotels with property-wide Visual Communications systems.

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