Critical diagnosis - When Hospital Communications Need a Check-Up

Improve Employee Communications and Reduce Risk With Hospital Digital Signage

There is probably no industry where communication is more important than in healthcare—especially within hospitals. The ability to effectively disseminate critical information makes all the difference when delivering patient care. In fact, in a GetApp Survey, 43.4% of respondents said that Healthcare was the industry in which communication is most important.

The Critical Lack of Good Communication in Hospitals

When you take into account the size of most hospitals, the different floors and departments, the number of doctors, nurses and other medical staff coming and going on different shifts, it’s easy to understand how communication gaps occur. At the same time, the communication systems and infrastructure are often out-of-date and ineffective at many medical facilities. This can frustrate staff and patients alike.

Why Every Hospital Needs to Use Digital Signage

Incorporating a digital signage system may seem like a luxury, but it is quickly becoming an industry standard. Relevant information can be shared on multiple screens throughout the hospital, including the lobby, elevators, patient floors, ICU/CCU, NICU, surgical floors, emergency rooms, the cafeteria and more. Screens are also ideal in staff areas like break rooms, administrative offices and more. Both local managers and corporate officials in remote locations can make updates as often as necessary.

Uses of Digital Signage in Hospitals

Employee communications

Digital signage is a powerful way to streamline operations and improve organization within departments. This can help to provide better patient care, cut down on preventable mistakes, shorten hospital stays and lower mortality rates.

Employee communication uses:

  • New employee training
  • Standup meetings and briefings
  • Department news
  • Regular patient updates
  • Staff news (floor schedules, upcoming events, HR information, new staff members, etc.)
  • Administration news
  • Industry updates
  • Corporate communications and news

Patient communications

Visual Communications can relay important information related to patient care. It can also be an effective means of connecting and engaging with patients and visitors.

Patient communication uses:

  • Information about new hospital/health initiatives
  • Interactive kiosks that provide information about your medical center
  • Patient/visitor education about important health topics
  • Provide information about lines of service

Wayfinding and Directional Signs

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to find a specific place in a hospital, like a patient's room, the lab or a diagnostic center, and you just can’t remember the directions. Hospitals are like mazes where every hall looks the same, which makes getting around difficult. Interactive wayfinding displays and directional signs can help patients and visitors navigate successfully, which will help reduce stress and frustration.

In Case of Emergency

Digital signs can also become a critical safety tool in the event of an emergency. Signage can be updated almost instantly, so screens can become the best means of spreading the word to staff, patients and visitors in the face of a threat, from weather-related events to active shooter situations, CAP alerts from local, state or national authorities and more.  

FWI Case Study – National Healthcare System

A large healthcare system needed to overhaul its employee communications. The traditional methods – emails, flyers, intranet, and staff newsletter – were ineffective or overlooked. The organization turned to FWI to create a new, employee-centric system that was capable of delivering real-time, local and corporate communications to its staff members.

FWI began with a pilot program of 50 screens, located in 5 medical centers and the corporate office. Corporate administrators and local managers were both able to contribute content, ensuring that the information on display was relevant to the specific department. Content was both passive and interactive in nature, making it easier to reach busy employees on the go. Managers were also able to use the screens to run daily standup meetings and streamline the delivery of information regarding the day’s news.

The pilot program proved to be a success, and today the healthcare system operates more than 700 screens throughout all of its facilities.

FWI Specializes in Hospital Digital Signage

FWI’s Visual Communications platform can transform the way hospitals and other healthcare facilities connect with employees and patients, a critical function that can improve staff retention and patient satisfaction. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Four Winds Interactive to request a free demo.

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