Design Challenge: Create Something New Every Day for a Month

Written by: Alyssa Vuong


A couple of months ago, I was finding it hard to brainstorm for a project. It was almost as if I was in a creative rut. So, I decided to challenge myself to exercise my creative muscle. I prompted myself to create something new every day for the month of February. This could range from a number of different things: illustration, photography, sketching, postcards, menus, branding, etc.

At the beginning of the month, I noticed I was excited to get started and eager to create something amazing every day.

Feb 4 –  This was one of my first designs of the month. I wanted to play with typography and create a postcard that was simple yet visually interesting.

As the month progressed, I noticed that some days this challenge reignited my passion for being a creative.

Feb 12. This was drawn halfway through the month. I switched to illustration because I wanted to practice that skill.

And some days, I found it extremely hard to design from 9am-5pm at work, come home and begin designing more. This is most likely the reason why I got burnt out and only created 22/28 of the daily designs for the month.

Feb 22. Drawn during the last week of the month, I noticed my illustration skills were improving. 

However, throughout the month, I found myself enjoying doing things I used to love, like branding and illustrating. I enjoyed it so much I went out and purchased a brand-new sketchbook! Because of this challenge, I learned that revisiting what makes you love design can revamp your passion and help inspire those around you. I also learned it’s okay if you can’t find inspiration and design something spectacular every day. Your creative muscle needs a break. And so do you.

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