Digital Signage for New Buildings Pt. 3: Software

One of the most challenging aspects of a Visual Communications solution is narrowing down the right types of content for your audience. And yet those decisions are completely reliant on the flexibility, power and built-in functionality of the digital signage platform you choose.

Finding the right software can be difficult because there are a lot of factors to consider. This runs the gamut from functionality to usability, affordability, integrations and much more. A software platform that barely meets your current needs won’t scale with you as your needs grow or change. Find out what you should be looking for in a digital signage platform.


How a business manages their digital signage can dictate the type of software platforms that should be used. The first question to ask is who is managing the system? Will it be for one business or will multiple contributors be responsible for content? Having digital signage software that can accommodate multiple users can simplify a long-term management solution and save money in the long run.

Choosing a platform that is built to scale with business growth will ultimately be the easiest to manage. The FWI digital signage platform allows people to administer and remotely manage thousands of screens from one central hub, making it easier to scale with endpoints as business needs change.


The types and complexity of the content can also help decide the software platform that works best for you. Many digital signage providers specialize in one aspect of content, like wayfinding or advertising. If your company is working on complex projects, a solution that is flexible enough to power multiple applications at once would be the best choice.

Plus, if you plan on leveraging various types of content on your digital signage displays, the FWI platform supports multiple native formats. Additionally, within the FWI Store, we provide a repository of pre-built content and useful applications to speed up the creative process.

Advanced Functionality

Video walls are becoming standard in new construction projects. However, many software platforms struggle to provide frame-by-frame syncing. If you plan to include video walls in your design, make sure to select a software platform capable of supporting frame-by-frame syncing.


Depending on how you plan to use content, reporting may or may not be important to your business. However, it is something you should always look for in a software solution—even if you don't currently require metrics.

If your company is using screens as an advertising medium or selling ad space, then reporting is essential to track the success of marketing campaigns and the overall ROI of digital signage. Robust reporting capabilities prove campaign efficacy and virtually guarantee continued ad revenue. Tracking sales starts with tracking your signage.

One last factor to consider is emergency management. Do the systems you’re looking into provide an output for software integration? Can emergency content be displayed on your digital screens in seconds? This is an invaluable asset to a successful Visual Communications network.

Ways to Leverage FWI’s Platform

The use cases for FWI’s digital signage platform are seemingly endless:

Overall, you want to be looking for a software solution that provides the complete package. Setting your organization up for long term success with a Visual Communications software solution means considering a variety of factors, like management, content, hardware and reporting.

Selecting a solution with the most robust set of features is paramount to giving your company the flexibility and freedom to communicate effectively today and into the future. Want to get started, but don’t know how? Contact an FWI Visual Communications expert today and we’ll help you get started. 

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