Digital Signage Q&A

Digital signage is a fairly new technology, and businesses are still acquainting themselves with exactly how to utilize it. As industry experts, we often get a variety of digital signage questions that run the gamut from installation to hardware and content. The following is a brief list we’ve compiled of the most common digital signage FAQ we receive:


Q: What systems do you integrate with?

A: We understand that to keep your digital signage network up and running, it’s important to have dynamic and easily maintainable data. We integrate with just about every key system and have built pre-configured adaptors for data sources in every major industry. The following are a few of the systems we can integrate with:

  • Office 365
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Salesforce
  • LinkedIn
  • Fitbit

Q: What are the different hardware options?

A: Regarding hardware, the most frequently asked digital signage questions include what the different options are. We differentiate between displays and player platforms. The following are the most popular types of screens we recommend, as well as the media players we install the most:

LCD Touch and Non-Touch

  • Caltron
  • Dynascan
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • NEC
  • Mimo Monitors
  • Philips
  • TSItouch

Media Players

  • Android
  • Chromebox
  • Windows
  • All-in-Ones


In addition to hardware, we also receive a lot of digital signage questions regarding software. Time and again, our software proves that it’s more versatile and powerful than the competition, which is why many clients come to us to replace incumbent platforms.  And when it comes to our software, you really have to see it to fully understand how powerful it is, but here are the most common software-related questions:

Q:  What makes FWI’s Software platform so powerful?

A: With our single platform, you can power as many unique digital signage applications as you need on thousands of interactive and non-interactive screens—across as many locations as you have. Plus, we’ve got solutions and integrations for almost every major industry.

Q: How often do you release new software versions?

A: We never stop innovating. Which is why we typically release new Content Manager and Content Player software versions quarterly, keeping all of our customers on the leading edge of this ever-changing industry.

Q: What applications does Four Winds Interactive provide?

A: FWI Store gives you access to hundreds of pre-built applications that will integrate with your system to streamline your content creation processes. We also offer purpose-built solutions that can be combined with set-ups like video walls, virtual concierge kiosks and wayfinding stations. Here are just a few example apps that FWI provides for its customers:

  • New Hire Welcome
  • Years of Service
  • Employee Retirement
  • Job Promotions
  • Weather
  • KPI Metrics Board
  • Menu boards


FWI offers an all-encompassing solution to digital signage, through hardware, software and Visual Communications services. FWI caters to a range of services for its customers.

Q: Does your company provide service beyond just the software?

A: We’ve built our team to provide a full range of services that span every stage of the Visual Communications journey. Our services can be customized to your business needs and include the following four categories:

Our services are what define us. They set us well above our competitors when it comes to forming positive business relationships.

We even offer Visual Communications Management, meaning one of our signage experts essentially becomes an extension of your team and handles the day-to-day management of your network. For more information on how a personal resource can work for you, check out our Stanford Federal Credit Union story.

Q: Do you provide or create content?

A: FWI offers a variety of creative services from one of the industry’s leading team. Our Digital Experience team specializes in creating functional interactive and static designs. We always ensure the end product is designed around the needs of your business but is configured to meet your specific goals.

Q: How Does FWI approach a product, and what differentiates FWI from the competition?

A: With over a decade of innovation in the digital signage sector, FWI stands above the competition through communication and planning. We provide a complete Solutions Framework during the entire cycle of your customer journey, that includes:

  • Best Practices
  • Hardware and Software Integrations
  • Services
  • Thought Leadership
  • Customized Solutions
  • Dedicated Customer Service

FWI has created personalized solutions for brands across a variety of industries, and we continue to expand our portfolio.

Q: What industries does FWI specialize in?

A: FWI specializes in the following industries, as well as the use cases listed after each industry. If you do not see yours, simply let us know you’d like us to help define a customized solution for your industry today.

  • Airlines and Airports: Reader Boards, Video Walls, and Directories
  • Arenas and Professional Sports: Video Walls, Wayfinding, Menu Boards
  • Automotive Dealers: Interactive Signage, Video Walls, Self-Service Kiosks
  • Banking and Investment Branches: Self-Service Kiosks, Reader Boards, Video Walls, Meeting Room Signage
  • Casinos: Self-Service Kiosks, Video Walls, Wayfinding, Virtual Concierge
  • Convention Centers: Wayfinding, Video Walls, Virtual Concierge
  • Corporate Enterprise: Interactive Signage, Reader Boards, Wayfinding, Video Walls, Directories, Meeting Room Signage
  • Education: Wayfinding, Virtual Concierge, Menu Boards, Meeting Room Signage
  • Entertainment Venues: Menu Boards, Wayfinding, Video Walls, Advertising and Promotions
  • Government: Meeting Room Signage, Wayfinding, Interactive Signage, Readerboards
  • Healthcare: Wayfinding, Virtual Concierge, Employee Communications
  • Hotels: Wayfinding, Virtual Concierge, Menu Boards, Meeting Room Signage
  • Manufacturing: Wayfinding, Reader Boards, Performance Management
  • Quick Serve Restaurants: Menu Boards, Video Walls, Advertising and Promotions
  • Retail: Video Walls, Interactive Signage, Directories, Advertising and Promotions

We are always open to adding to our list of digital signage FAQs. If you have a question that you don’t see an answer for here, please do not hesitate to contact us, and a team member will get back to your shortly.

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