Digital Signage Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Hotels are starting to recognize the importance of an integrated communications strategy. Utilizing both face-to-face and digital communication ensures guest satisfaction and reinforces your brand’s differentiating factors. Digital signage for the hospitality industry creates an integrated and dynamic system, linking the operations and marketing aspects of the hotel to create an efficient system that benefits not only guests but hotel staff as well. Here are the top five ways in which digital signage in the hotel industry can create a better guest experience, improve communications across departments and provide enduring value.

Virtual Concierge

A virtual concierge is the key to providing an authentic experience and accessible information to guests. This type of hotel digital signage can increase guest satisfaction, as the mixture of wide screen displays and information about amenities, local attractions and promotions make it easy for guests to explore the hotel on their own. At the same time, a virtual concierge can bring more efficiency to daily operations because it acts as a self-service system, allowing guests to explore the property independent of hotel staff. Guests can even book restaurant or spa reservations as soon as they see promotions on the screen or create their own itineraries using digital signage solutions via recommendations and affiliate offerings, like nightlife activities, best places to shop, family sightseeing actives and anything that would make their trip a memorable one. 

“We’ve seen a really positive response to the signs from both guests and staff,” said Justin Miller, Director of IT and Security at Sheraton Overland Park. “People are just generally curious about what the signs can do, so they stand there and play with them. We’re already discussing ways to expand and are looking forward to the continued evolution of the signage network.”


Readerboards are another good use case for hospitality digital signage. Functioning as a rich visual display board of information, readerboards are a perfect way to inform guests of the experiences they can take part in during their stay. This digital signage solution, when integrated with the hotel’s database, can display real-time, highly relevant information such as upcoming events and where they’re located. With the Four Winds Interactive (FWI) Visual Communications Cloud and Integration Framework, linking digital signage solutions to any existing hotel database is easy, letting you give your guests access to real-time event information at key points around your property.

Meeting Rooms

Management of meeting rooms is very challenging, especially if it’s done the old-fashioned way. Whiteboards and paper scheduling are manual processes that are prone to error, not to mention a highly inefficient way of managing meeting rooms. Hospitality digital signage is the perfect tool for meeting room management, particularly when it’s integrated with a hotel’s event management system (EMS). With FWI’s Content Player solution, the intuitive interface can be linked to your EMS, so you can display real-time room availability, and even upsell custom meeting room sign branding for large events. Digital signage solutions such as FWI’s meeting room management application allow direct reservations, cancellations and schedule changes to be made quickly and easily.

Guest Room TVs

Digital Signage in the hotel industry is also a good way to create a digital network to communicate with guests in a structured and efficient manner. Valuable information such as amenities, events and promotions, local attractions and even advertisements sponsored by hotel partners can be shown on guests’ in-room TVs (GRTV). Sheraton Overland Park and JW Marriot San Antonio are two good examples of how FWI's digital signage solutions can be used for GRTVs as well as other common applications. Sheraton Overland Park created a dedicated guest room TV channel providing all property details through the convenience of in-room TVs.


Hotel employees are always on the go. Your room manager may be doing her daily rounds of inspections, the front office is busy dealing with guests and your logistics team is moving around taking care of hotel supplies, purchasing and security. By equipping your staff with mobile applications, you can connect your employees with the information they need to do their jobs well. You can use digital signage in the hotel industry to inform all hotel staff of the day’s events and alert employees of any issues or actions that need to be performed in a collective and coordinated manner.

Virtual concierges, readerboards, meeting room signage and employee communications are just a few ways hotels can utilize digital signage. When building your own digital signage network, remember that technology, though important, is only one side of the story. Make sure that your content, processes and people are also aligned so you can take advantage of the benefits of a fully integrated plan.

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