Digital Signage Solutions: Real Life Success Stories

The benefits of digital signage solutions cut across industries, and studies show that the overall sales of companies adopting digital signage have increased by 32% due to its ability to create an immersive experience. It is also an excellent tool to strengthen a company’s brand, fostering adoption of values and best practices due to its unique capability to attract attention and enhance productivity. Daimler Trucks North America, Vox Cinemas, MGM Resorts International, Wildlife Protection Solutions and West Virginia University are real-life Four Winds Interactive success stories. Let’s explore their unique challenges and how our digital signage solutions helped solve their problems.

Daimler Trucks North America

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) wanted its employees to feel proud to work for a company that noticed their hard work, no matter how small their contributions might be. Being such a large company, with a huge workforce, reinforcing the company's values and mission is no easy task.

To make this vision a reality and improve their lobby experience at the same time, DTNA chose FWI to power a 59-screen video wall, spanning 110 feet as well as an impressive, immersive 10x11ft video wall featuring social media feeds and product highlights. And to improve employee communications, they implemented directory solutions and informational screens on every floor. These solutions use FWI's Visual Communications Cloud as well as integrations with backend systems and social media platforms. Through FWI’s Content Manager Web (CMW) and Content Manager Desktop (CMD) applications, the company has been able to dynamically change its content, ensuring that it’s always up-to-date and resonates with all the different personas within the business. Additionally, FWI’s Integration Framework was used to link with the company’s enterprise applications and social media accounts to enable employees to collaborate and communicate directly with each other through the digital signage platform.

VOX Cinemas

VOX Cinemas is known for their unique, high-quality cine experiences. With such high customer expectations, VOX Cinemas wanted to leverage digital signage in new ways to enhance their overall visitor experience. The company needed a solution that would give them flexibility in scheduling content, would allow them to integrate with their existing systems and would provide enhanced video capabilities such as video syncing and playlist creation.

Fortunately, FWI had everything they needed. Fifty-eight large format displays were turned into video walls distributed in every part of the complex. These digital boards, powered by FWI's Content Player, efficiently handled all of VOX Cinema’s video needs. Controlled centrally using FWI's CMW and CMD, VOX was able to display real-time movie schedules, and the new video syncing capabilities allowed VOX to highlight large premieres in the most impactful way possible. These updates help deliver the types of experiences VOX Cinemas is known for.  

MGM Resorts International

Being a premier entertainment enterprise, MGM Resorts International has almost five million feet of space—and digital signage is a key part of their communications strategy. The company, known for its highly visual and engaging advertising and marketing strategies, wanted to make the delivery of information more efficient. In addition, MGM Resorts wanted to maximize the use of their digital boards by placing wayfinding systems and menu boards in their entertainment, retail and dining venues.

Today, MGM Resorts International has 50,000 displays on the FWI platform, all optimized by use case, location and goal. And as always, powering the digital signage network is CMW, CMD and Content Player. Using this powerful platform, MGM Resorts International can push dynamic content, promotions and advertisements, enabling the company to cut down on printing cost, optimize revenue, improve the visitor experience and more. Plus, FWI’s wayfinding application is also extensively used throughout MGM properties to help guests easily navigate the facility.

Wildlife Protection Solutions

Wildlife Protection Solutions, an international non-profit organization based in Colorado, takes wildlife protection to a whole new level. Working closely with wildlife refuges and game preserves around the world, Wildlife Protection Solutions aims to combat rampant poaching of endangered species. To further their cause, Wildlife Protection Solutions need to have access to real-time wildlife monitoring that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. In addition, Wildlife Protection Solutions needed to provide the public with continuous access to relevant wildlife protection information.

What FWI did for Wildlife Protection Solutions was to combine the efficiency of digital signage with the mobility of a handheld device. Wildlife Protection Solutions was able to combine various sources of wildlife data into a single repository. From there, a mobile application was developed to make this information accessible from any smartphone or tablet. This app not only allowed Wildlife Protection Solutions to access data from anywhere but also made this information available to the public.

West Virginia University

Digital signage is not a new concept to West Virginia University (WVU). With over 80 pre-existing screens called InfoStations that were used for automated emergency and alert messaging, WVU wanted to take their digital signage game to the next level. The university wanted live data feeds displayed across all signage while at the same time enabling various user groups to contribute content. Their vision was to create an engaging and digitally integrated campus through digital signage.

FWI’s Content Player, CMD and Integration Framework were all used to make this vision happen. The university also developed 50 custom templates that allowed various user groups on the campus to contribute content. This approach allowed WVU to utilize digital signage solutions to modernize campus communications while reaching more students, faculty and staff than ever before.

Daimler Trucks North America, VOX Cinemas, MGM Resorts International, Wildlife Protection Solutions and West Virginia University are only a few of the organizations who adopted FWI’s digital signage technology to solve multiple challenges. It’s obvious that the benefits of digital signage span across industries. It’s time for you to start exploring what this technology can do to bring change and innovation to your own company. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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