#DOYOUFWI Challenge

October 4, 2019 Josiah Feuerbacher

Hey everybody, #DoYouFWI? Do you really? 

Well it’s time to prove it! We’re always making advancements to our software, and that includes our scripting language. Below is a brand new function that you’ll be able to use in version 5.2.1. Can you figure out what this expression does: 

{&exp:((ToUnixTime(‘3/16/2016′) – ToUnixTime(date([&now],’d’))) / 60) / 60 / 24|_num(0)} day{&exp:((ToUnixTime(‘3/16/2016′) – ToUnixTime(date([&now],’d’))) / 60) / 60 / 24 > 1 ? ‘s’ : ”} to DSE! 

If you think you know, post your answer in the comments below, or to your favorite social media outlet using #DoYouFWI. We’ll randomly select one of the correct answers, and you’ll win a fun little prize from the FWI staff. This is open to anyone, so be sure to post!

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