Five Things You Can Do with a Digital Lobby Directory

The convergence of cloud technology, digital signage, social media and data have created a whole new ecosystem in which companies can engage with stakeholders and employees more effectively than ever before. Today, enterprise firms must keep both customers and employees happy to create sustainable value. But how exactly can this be done? Technology has enabled multiple communication mediums, and companies first must choose which ones to leverage.

As the introduction to your company, the lobby is the start of the customer experience and an integral part of your employee satisfaction strategy. Due to the sheer number of clients and employees passing through your lobby every day, and the impact that your lobby experience can have, most companies choose to integrate digital elements to create a more impactful experience. Companies can combine the elements of a good digital strategy with digital signage to engage visitors, tell the company’s brand story, showcase products and services, improve operational efficiency and promote health and safety. Here’s how.

Empower Your Visitors

A digital lobby directory is an excellent way to empower visitors to contact and find company employees. Four Winds Interactive’s (FWI) Interactive Directory and  Wayfinding application provide a seamless way for visitors to find staff, facilities and amenities. The technology works by showing three-dimensional and multi-level maps that display specific rooms, work areas and facilities. The wayfinding map also knows the visitor’s current location, so it can provide turn-by-turn instructions that can be conveniently sent to a user’s mobile device.

Digital lobby directories can also be built with interactive touchscreen panels for easy searching. Each result can even include a short description, image and contact information. The interactive directory can also feature local points of interest, complete with a map and instructions. In addition, it can also incorporate an interactive media gallery showing images and videos related to featured locations.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Lobby digital signage is an excellent way to tell a story. Here, companies can tell stories about the past and the future of the business that can help build confidence among customers and employees. Studies show that people respond well to the descriptive power of stories as they affect both the brain's sensory and motor cortex, increasing comprehension, receptivity, understanding and anticipation.

Telling stories of why your brand exists and how it connects with the values that are held by your customer is a great way to build trust. It is crucial that companies frame their stories in such a way that visitors feel they are participating in the story itself by purchasing from the business telling the story.

Showcase Your Products and Services

Not only can lobby digital signage display products and services, but it can highlight what differentiates those products from the competition. With high-resolution displays, digital signage can be placed throughout the lobby to showcase products and services using an optimal display size relative to visitors’ viewing distance. Remember to keep your content short and sweet and make sure the content is consistent across all signage to help create a cohesive lobby experience. This can be done by using pre-approved content and standardized branding templates. It is also a good practice to integrate products and service promotions with other organizational initiatives to reap the highest value.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Interactive directories can also be used to improve operational efficiency. In this instance, lobby digital signage can allow visitors to search almost anything in the building, freeing up the front desk staff of many of their tasks. In turn, administrative staff can focus on assisting visitors who require special attention.

Managing multiple digital boards both in the office lobby and across various locations doesn’t require hiring additional workforce. With digital signage tools such as FWI’s Content Manager Web (CMW) and Content Manager Desktop (CMD), your team can manage as many displays as you need, across as many locations as you have, all from a centralized location. In doing so, digital lobby directories can be consistently updated to include new listings, names, descriptions and images, with minimal effort.

Promote Health and Safety

Interactive directories are useful tools to promote health and safety and can even transform into an emergency messaging platform in the event of a disaster. In the event of an earthquake, fire or terrorist attack, interactive directories can display important emergency directions on how to get to the nearest safe zone or exit door. This content can either be deployed manually or triggered automatically via an integration with your emergency messaging system.

Digital lobby directories can do more than help with navigation. They can display brand stories, showcase products and services, improve operational efficiency and even promote health and safety. Not all digital signage companies can provide a platform that can cater to the various needs of office lobbies. That’s why it is essential to select the right solution when designing your digital lobby directory. FWI is at the forefront of enterprise digital signage solutions with over 6,000 customers worldwide, so when you’re ready to upgrade your lobby experience, reach out to us; we’re here to help.

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