Four Reasons Your Organization Should be Using Meeting Room Signs

In today’s day and age, there is no reason to be printing anything unless it’s a signed document. If your business is still using paper or whiteboards for your meetings and scheduling, it may be time to rethink your approach. Much like the rest of a modern office’s signage, conference room signs should be easily updated without using a pen or a printer. Plus, meeting room signs are a perfect way to integrate digital signage into a smart administrative solution.

With the influx of telecommuting and people constantly shifting around, the use of paper or a whiteboard to inform is highly outdated and ineffective. In other words, a digital conference room sign functions on a much higher level than any other scheduling process. There are countless reasons to go this route but the following are four of the main ones for using digital signage in your meeting rooms.

#1. Efficiency

Digital signage for meeting rooms can display up-to-the-minute scheduling changes because the signs are connected to your company’s scheduling software. Conference room signage allows for a greater amount of efficiency since anyone with access to the software can update the information.

Any changes made to the meeting or the room itself can be immediately reflected on the sign outside. If the room needs to switch or there is a shift in the timing, everyone will be on the same page. The message will be communicated precisely and efficiently through the digital sign.

#2. A Green Solution

It’s our responsibility to the environment to be as conscientious as possible about surplus. Using paper for signage in this modern age is not only inefficient, it’s also creating unnecessary waste for the office. A green solution for the archaic tactic of paper signage is to move it to digital. Additionally, meeting room signs help to optimize the space you already have.

#3. Economical

The ability to not only save on waste but to streamline operations makes meeting room signage an economical solution as well. A misnomer about technology is that it is always more expensive than paper. However, that is simply the cost up front. The overall savings of this type of digital solution far exceeds the initial investment.

A global professional services firm turned to our Visual Communications platform to optimize their office space. With the majority of its workforce consulting remotely from various national and international offices, only 55% of its headquarters space was used on any given day. Using the FWI platform, the company implemented a hoteling solution that allowed employees to reserve a desk or office, search for other coworkers, find an event and check out local dining and transportation information.

An integral tool in the overall project, our hoteling application helped the firm realize that they had enough unused office space to lease three floors of their building. They were able to maintain enough square footage to meet employee workspace needs and netted $85 million savings on real estate expenditures.

#4. Easy Integration

Technology has come a long way in the last 20 years and scheduling an “installation” is more of a quick step than it is a lengthy process. Meeting room digital signage is easy to integrate because the hardware is simple and the software is high-functioning. Depending on your operating system (Microsoft or Android) you have two options for an all-in-one meeting room display. Both include mounting hardware with glass mounting choices available as well. Larger displays are also offered depending on your exact needs.

Educational information is available to brush up on your knowledge of Visual Communications best practices, functions and usability. And targeted training videos specific to your solution can also be provided.

These are simply the core reasons for using meeting room digital signage. Each business and every industry differ slightly on how they choose to best utilize the technology. One thing will forever remain a constant, though, it is much more effective, economical and convenient than a whiteboard and a marker or paper placards. And if you’re looking for a comprehensive meeting room solution, look no further than FWI BOOKED.

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