Four Ways FWI Stands Out From the Competition

The rise of digital signage is at an all-time high and with that growth, companies providing Visual Communications for businesses are popping up left and right. But with so many options to choose from, it’s important to differentiate the top digital signage companies from the pretenders.

But first, to know what to look for, you need to have a solid understanding of the industry and what it entails. To put it in simple terms, think of digital signage as a network of screens spread across your business that can be used for both employee and consumer-facing messaging. Consider it the visual layer of your business’ communications strategy.

So, what exactly makes one Visual Communications company stand out from the rest, you might ask? In the most general sense, you should look for a company that offers a comprehensive platform, a team of experts who can install and maintain your digital displays, years of experience implementing signage in multiple industries and a track record of working with some of biggest companies in the world.

Four Winds Interactive (FWI), a company with over 6,500 clients and more than 500,000 digital signs deployed around the world, ticks all these boxes and much more, helping businesses of all sizes reach their target audiences with the right messages, at the right time. 

All-in-One Platform

The first thing that distinguishes FWI from other top digital signage companies is the company’s Visual Communications platform. The platform includes everything a business would need for an easy-to-implement and successful digital display network, consisting of a content management systems (CMS) and content players for both web and desktop, cloud content storage, mobile phone integration, 100s of purpose-built apps as well as top-notch wayfinding solutions and an unrivaled in-house professional services team.

If that wasn’t enough, FWI’s Integration Framework allows for the platform to meet more complex and demanding implementations head-on—resulting in a highly effective, flexible and secure network architecture, a must for businesses who want to leverage internal data and boost the security between their data and devices. 

Full-Service Integration

Whether it be hardware or software, FWI has the best of both. And a team of top-notch Visual Communications experts and professionals to boot, who will help get your digital communications investment off the ground and into action as quickly as possible. FWI provides a host of services, split into three stages: 

  • Strategic Services: If your company isn’t sure where to begin, you can get in touch with FWI’s Visual Communications consultants who will help you formulate a roadmap forward based on your organization’s specific goals and needs.
  • Implementation Services: Once you know your overall game plan, FWI’s professionals will help you through every stage of implementation, from content creation and system engineering to project management.
  • Managed Services: After the implementation, FWI will help you optimize and scale your platform as it grows to maintain its quality and ensures it continues to achieve high results.

As an added bonus, FWI has 24/7 customer support and Remote Monitoring Management (RMM), a service that automatically monitors your signage, making sure it always functions correctly at peak performance levels. This service is a must for organizations with mission-critical digital signage implementations. 

Experience in Every Major Industry

FWI’s platform is used to reach millions of people every day, across every industry—whether it be airports, banks, hotels, corporations, stadiums, hospitals, casinos, convention centers or universities. And that long and varied experience has paid dividends and, in turn, led to the creation of multiple comprehensive and unique packages, purpose-built to address the specific needs of your industry.

  • FWI® ENGAGE™: A comprehensive solution that remedies rampant workforce disengagement and the high turnover rates that many company’s face, helping them win the war for talent.
  • FWI® CAMPUS™: Designed specifically for schools, CAMPUS provides administrators with all the digital signage tools to boost student engagement, drive learning and help visitors and students navigate.
  • FWI® DIRECT™: This digital directory enables visitors to find everything they need in your building with ease, whether it be a specific employee, corporate tenant or department.
  • FWI® BOOKED™: FWI’s corporate meeting room management solution streamlines conference room bookings and, in turn, improves collaboration and productivity among your workforce.
  • FWI® SUITE™: If you have a hotel to run, FWI SUITE can help—while also optimizing your overall guest experience and helping engage your staff.
  • FWI® PLAY™: FWI PLAY includes 20 casino-focused digital signage applications, letting you optimize everything from your table game signage to your back-of-house communications.
Successful Implementations with Top Brands

Nothing sheds light on a business’ acumen quite like success stories and powerful partnerships. Talk is talk. Results are what it all comes down to. And in FWI’s case, their actions speak loudly. No matter what industry you look at, FWI has worked with the best of the best to install high quality and oftentimes massive Visual Communications projects. Here are some of the most notable examples:

  • West Virginia University (WVU): In 2013, FWI installed 80 digital screens across the school’s 28,000 student Morgantown campus. The implementation was such a resounding success that three years later WVU increased their number of displays to over 140.
  • Boston Logan International Airport (BOS): Massport, the owner of BOS, commissioned FWI in 2012 to reduce existing signage clutter and inconsistencies that were negatively impacting the airport. FWI’s changes to the system resulted in a better overall passenger experience and increased the relevancy of communications.
  • Courtyard by Marriott: In order to promote their on-site amenities, improve the overall guest experience, and boost brand advocacy, Courtyard approached FWI to implement intuitive and interactive digital displays. Now, FWI’s signs are displayed in over 1,000 Courtyards across the world. 

Picking the right digital signage company might be a difficult task with so many choices, but at the end of the day, quality is what matters. And FWI’s track record speaks for itself.

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