Four Ways the Travel and Tourism Industry Can Take Advantage of Digital Signage

From branding and acting as a digital concierge to wayfinding and fostering visitor engagement, tourism digital signage doesn’t only provide the tools and technology needed to improve the overall visitor experience, but can also foster effective brand recall. Digital signage even allows the travel industry to give back to the community by featuring local destinations, restaurants and activities that tourists can enjoy. We’ve identified four creative and unique ways to maximize the impact of your signs within the tourism and travel industry.


We’re all familiar with video walls–multiple LED panels perfectly fit together, displaying photos and videos that tell us a perfect story and encourage us to act. Due to their richness in color, vividness and interactivity, video walls are capable of easily capturing the attention of visitors. Tourism digital signage can take advantage of video walls’ capability to create a strong branding experience by connecting clients to your organization’s core values, history, mission and more.

For example, video walls can be mounted in hotel lobbies to create an impact as soon as visitors enter the building. And this type of digital signage solution can showcase a mix of high-quality images, branding videos, must-see local attractions or whatever combination of content you think would help differentiate your brand and cause visitors to remember your property.

Virtual Concierge

Imagine a scenario where guests can easily access the types of information that have a direct impact on their trip. With a Virtual Concierge, you can provide visitors with property information, a list of preferred local attractions, flight status, dining options and more to ensure they know of every option available to them. You can even use this type of digital signage solution to create self-service check-in stations

Digital signage and travel isn’t just limited to hotels, either. Airports can utilize Virtual concierges and digital directories to help busy travelers find what they’re looking for. For example, airports that utilize digital signage can give travelers the freedom to look at their full-service restaurants with just a few taps on a digital signage board. In addition, they also enable travelers to view hotel and transportation options and even points of interest within the vicinity.


As a wayfinding technology expert, FWI can provide advice on all the different ways you can implement a wayfinding solution—from 2D or 3D, dynamic or interactive, even mobile. A perfect case study is Courtyard by Marriott’s GoBoard. Not only does the GoBoard provide suggestions on where to get the best food and drinks, it also tells you exactly how to get there.  

FWI’s wayfinding technology works by leveraging the latest technology to tell visitors how to get to their destination based on their current location. In addition, FWI’s wayfinding has the capability to send guided instructions to visitors’ mobile phone through email, SMS and even QR codes. This makes the wayfinding experience very user-friendly, as guests don’t have to take a picture of the map or memorize anything. The same directions they see on the tourism digital signage board can get sent to their mobile phones.

Visitor Engagement

Digital signage in the travel industry can also be used to foster visitor engagement. Tourism digital signage can be used to promote local stores, restaurants and even local culture.

Another good idea is to create custom itineraries that visitors can easily access, fully understand and complete in a just a few hours. Some examples could be “kid friendly tourist destinations” or “exploring the city in two hours.”

Finally, linking your Facebook page or other social media channels to your signage is another good example of how the travel and tourism industries can leverage digital signage. For instance, by using FWI’s pre built social media adapters,  you can pull feeds directly from social media and display them through the digital board’s Content Player.

Digital signage and travel can be a great combination--all it takes is a good partner and a vision.

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