Four Winds Interactive Redefines Industry Best Practices With New Suite of Visual Communications Professional Services

DENVER, CO – July 21, 2016 – Four Winds Interactive (FWI), a leader in the Visual Communications industry, today announced the release of their new suite of Visual Communications Professional Services designed to maximize customer success. These new services are delivered by the most experienced team of experts in the industry and are built on a set of proven best practices that help companies achieve their goals.

The Visual Communications industry has gone through a complete transformation in the last decade.  Ten years ago, a set of static digital reader boards was considered breakthrough. The smartphone was a new concept. Today, organizations are heeding the urgent recommendations of analysts and industry pundits to integrate digital into every aspect of their business, from eye-catching video walls and interactive employee dashboards through dynamic wayfinding and mobile applications. 

The Digital Business revolution is touching every industry and driving big gains in productivity and engagement. But as the amount of data, interfaces, and visualizations have grown exponentially and the sophistication of the screens has increased, so has the complexity.

Recognizing the growing complexity of rolling out an enterprise-wide Visual Communications network, FWI developed a suite of professional service offerings that ensure the initial and long-term success of these programs. Clients can leverage FWIs expertise across the complete customer journey—­­from preliminary consulting and strategy through implementation,­ ongoing management and upgrading.

“As customers experience the power of their Visual Communications network, they quickly realize the many use cases that exist for the FWI platform – from applications for Employee Engagement, Facilities Management, Performance Management and beyond, “ said Cassidy Smirnow, SVP of operations at FWI. “We found that almost without exception, clients that hired us to help them with their deployments were up and running faster, and had far fewer frustrations with the process. That led us to develop these new service offerings.”

“The great news is that FWI is here to help our customers build, deploy, manage and evolve their solutions so that they can realize the full potential of our Visual Communications platform,” added Smirnow.

The new service offerings include:

Strategic Services:

FWI’s Consultants work with customers to build a customized Visual Communications roadmap that identifies optimal screen placement, required integrations, hardware recommendations, technical infrastructure, content strategy, user experience optimization and creative design as well as key applications that drive real business results. The end result is a strategic plan for a phased implementation, estimated costs and timelines.

Implementation Services:

FWI’s team of implementation experts are skilled at all aspects of Visual Communications Implementation including designing and building new applications, network planning and configuration, content design and creation, hardware selection and procurement, physical installation and a full suite of training services to help customers leverage their Visual Communications investment effectively. 

Managed Services:

FWI’s Managed Services take over the day-to-day management of a Visual Communications network. These services include network monitoring and management, content management, content creation, software maintenance, coordination between departments and new application recommendations. A dedicated FWI resource handles all facets of the ongoing administration of a client’s signage network.  

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