FWI DIRECT: Directory Solutions for Corporate Enterprises

To unsuspecting visitors—or even employees for that matter—navigating your multi-tenant office building or large commercial building can seem like a never-ending maze.

In the past, the only things to aid lost souls were dull placards and the easy-to-miss traditional signage scattered throughout company buildings. But now, thanks to digital signage steadily improving while at the same time becoming exponentially cheaper, more and more businesses are adopting the disruptive technology with great results.

And it’s no surprise why. Corporate digital signage, like few other things, can solve a whole host of issues that nearly every business faces to some degree, whether it be boosting brand awareness, driving sales or providing relevant information to employees and visitors, when and where they need it.

One such digital signage solution is FWI DIRECT—a highly configurable and easy to implement corporate directory suite that makes navigating corporate buildings much more manageable for both guests and workers alike. Here are some of the key ways digital directories can empower your business.

List Departments and Employees

The most obvious use case of a digital directory is, of course, to display the specific companies, departments and employees in your building. With FWI DIRECT, on top of simply listing them out in a highly streamlined and consumable way, you can also provide guests with valuable information like locations, contact information and employee bios, and as a result, lessen wait times and improve the visitor experience.

Corporate directories mainly come in two different forms: interactive and non-interactive. As an interactive solution, users can input commands like scroll- throughs, searches and filters with the use of touchscreen technology. In its non-interactive application, business listings rotate automatically. Both options are highly customizable and easily updated by simply entering your changes into a spreadsheet or on an online data form, saving valuable time and money.

Help Guests and Employees Navigate 

In this day and age, every corporate lobby should implement some form of digital wayfinding—preferably in combination with a digital directory. The reason is very simple: once visitors know the department, employee or other listing they are trying to get to, it’s vitally important to provide them with step-by-step information on how to easily get there. Wayfinding and digital directories are, without a doubt, the best solution for this.

FWI DIRECT’s wayfinding makes it easier for guests to visualize and navigate your building’s many pathways and corridors. By combining both digital signage wayfinding and directory solutions, you can deliver a more robust and intuitive visitor experience.

Highlight Other Useful Information 

Wayfinding and business listings aren’t the only things corporate digital directories have up their sleeve. In fact, they can be employed as a great source of information outside of just wayfinding and business listings. In the case of FWI DIRECT, up-to-date and curated event and attraction listings can be seamlessly integrated to help visitors and employees stay in the know of goings-on in the area. On top of that, you can display real-time traffic and weather conditions, emergency messaging, transit information, rideshare wait times and your business’ social media feeds.

Optimize Impact While Driving Traffic

So now that you know all the practical solutions, it’s important to consider the other potential uses of digital directories because, let’s face it, if people are spending a significant chunk of time staring at your digital signage, it’s important to get the most out it in every way imaginable.

Put simply, this means weaving brand building content into your digital directory and wayfinding solutions. For example, why not showcase promotions while your visitors scroll through your self-service directory? Or why not display your core company values to guests and employees as they navigate your building with the help of screens? The bottom line is this: digital signage—including corporate directories—are exceptional at grabbing people’s attention. Use that to your advantage.

Checklist Before Implementing

Once you’ve decided to invest in digital directories for your business, it’s important to make some very important considerations to make sure implementation flows smoothly and your final product does its intended job without any unforeseen hiccups. Here are some things to think about and accomplish in the meantime:

  • Nail your design: fonts, colors, images, graphics and logo
  • Decide between a vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Make a list of all individuals
  • Make a list of all departments or companies
  • Include all necessary facility information
  • Include a scrolling welcome message

Whichever way you look at, people often get lost and overwhelmed when they enter imposing and unwieldy commercial buildings. Digital directories solve that problem and, as an added bonus, offer another opportunity to boost your brand. What’s not to like?

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