FWI Helps Colorado Rockies Make Back-Office Operations More Effective Through Visual Communications System

DENVER, CO–(Marketwired – October 22, 2015) – The Colorado Rockies’ baseball operations staff spends hours poring over a mountain of data and statistics to help them determine player trades and lineup changes — decisions that can significantly impact the performance and success of the organization. Frustrated with time wasted trying to pull data from multiple sources and platforms, the Colorado Rockies wanted a better way to gather and visually present data in a timely, effective and understandable format. The Rockies enlisted Four Winds Interactive (FWI) to build a digital visual communications system to meet their needs.

Previously, the staff was spending hours switching between applications and resizing windows to gain access to the information they needed — all time that they would have rather spent scouting opponents and assessing team needs. FWI was able to deliver a solution to integrate their various data sources without changing how and where that data was stored.

The new solution includes large touchscreen displays and tablets, along with an application created by FWI that pulls and displays player statistics and biographies, team analysis, depth charts, salary and payroll information, and trade and transaction history. Rockies staff can now gather in the General Manager’s office to compare lineups and discuss strategy with all of the critical information at their fingertips. Future phases can include having the application on every desktop and laptop in the office, on a tablet device, and making a mobile version for players and staff to access while traveling.

Zack Rosenthal, assistant general manager for the Colorado Rockies will discuss the impact this visual layer of communication has had on the organization tomorrow during Forward, The Digital Experience Conference (hyperlink), hosted by FWI in Denver.

Forward will put a spotlight on a technology trend that is dramatically changing the way organizations unlock the power of digital data and the way individuals receive, understand and utilize that information. Many of the world’s most respected and forward-looking companies will gather in Denver October 21st through 23rd to demonstrate how visual communications technology is transforming how they operate their workplace, communicate with customers, motivate and organize employees, spur creativity and innovation, and run key aspects of their business. Forward 2015 is taking place at the Colorado Convention Center and is hosted by Four Winds Interactive. (hyperlink)

About Four Winds Interactive

Founded in 2005, FWI has quickly become the industry-leader for enterprise visual communications software. FWI’s functionality makes it easy to create a powerful communications tool that solves wayfinding challenges, enhances safety, increases sales, improves experience and much more. FWI is based in Denver, Colorado with additional offices in Dubai, Hong Kong and Miami. For more information, visit www.fourwindsinteractive.com. (Hyperlink)

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