FWI Helps Honor Society Leverage Visual Communications to Engage and Inform Their Customers

DENVER – January 14, 2016 – Honor Society, a new Denver-based restaurant, is using the Four Winds Interactive (FWI) visual communications solution to increase brand awareness and engage their guests.

Honor Society applies the fast-casual model to fine dining, with a focus on providing healthful locally sourced food. The restaurant’s mission extends much deeper than food, as they seek to not only help improve the health of their patrons, but also positively impact their local community.

The restaurant sponsors community gardens, various youth outreach programs and the Honor Academy; an initiative focused on education and leadership development for their employees. The founders wanted a flexible communication medium that seamlessly blended into the restaurant’s aesthetic in order to easily share information about their various programs.

They turned to FWI’s digital signage solutions for restaurants. With an internal network comprised of eight screens, including a one-by- three video wall, Honor Society can rotate from branding content through event announcements, menu updates, and specials. “While guests are enjoying their meals, we can continuously engage with them without doing so in an invasive way. By the end of the meal, our patrons have learned about what makes our approach to food as well as our community stewardship different. FWI’s visual communications platform displays information in the most natural way and allows us to promote our brand without compromising the dynamic and intent of the restaurant,” stated Amy Shepek, marketing director for Honor Society.

About Four Winds Interactive

Founded in 2005, FWI has quickly become the industry-leader for enterprise visual communications software. FWI’s functionality makes it easy to create a powerful communications tool that solves wayfinding challenges, enhances safety, increases sales, improves experiences and much more. FWI is based in Denver, Colorado with additional offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Mexico, Miami and the United Kingdom.

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