FWI's Innovative Digital Signage Implementation in Dallas Love Field Airport

In the past decade, digital signage has revolutionized the airport visitor experience. And it’s obvious as to why. Airport digital signage is dynamic, eye-grabbing and unrivaled at solving the practical problem of getting a person from point A to point B with all the relevant information they need, getting rid of stale and costly traditional signage, once and for all. 

At Dallas Love Field, the city’s second biggest airport, Four Winds Interactive’s (FWI) platform was used to test out a new, innovative passenger communications solution—one focused on pushing an action alongside data. It was a huge success and showed what a highly innovative network of screens in an airport is capable of. Here are the ways FWI’s platform improved the overall passenger experience during the test.

Rich, Highly Interactive Passenger Information

We’ve all been there before: at the airport, in a hurry and not able to find the information you need, when you need it, leaving you extremely frustrated. At Dallas Love Field, FWI’s platform was used to push big, bright and very visible flight information. However, unlike traditional flight information displays (FIDs) the airline also sought to provide its passengers with next steps. And at the core of those push-based visual displays was the fact that passenger anxiety rose the longer passengers were waiting at the gate. So, the airline sought to ease that anxiety by making sure everybody knew how much time was left until boarding, plus ideas of how best to use that time. 

The displays, installed throughout the terminal, eased passenger frustrations and late arrivals by showcasing valuable flight information—such as flight schedules, delays and gate change notifications—at strategic high-traffic areas, making the information impossible to miss. And it’s all built around the main gate overview board at Dallas Love Field, which shows what’s happening at all 10 gates in real-time—including unique information like how crowded each flight is, how to get to your flight connection and what specific restaurant offerings are near your gate.

On top of giving passengers exactly the information they need, when and where they need it, FWI’s digital signs also use dynamic mapping to help travelers get wherever they need to go in the airport with ease. Specifically, FWI’s wayfinding solution in Dallas Love Field lets you quickly search and locate airport facilities like bathrooms, stores, terminals and gates.

And as you already know, airports can sometimes have long wait times, which can be incredibly boring. But FWI’s digital displays at Dallas Love Field make the time spent at airports more enjoyable for travelers by displaying relevant, impactful content. 

What Sets FWI’s Dallas Love Field Airport Signage Apart

Where the project really stands out from other digital signage applications in airports is its unique ability to communicate with visitors in a highly targeted and personable way. Not to mention the fact that everything is colorful and attention-grabbing. Even simple gate numbers are displayed on visually appealing digital signs, which utilize the color yellow to quickly grab travelers’ attention. On top of that, flights currently boarding are also highlighted in yellow making it easy for you to notice them if you are late or not sure when to head to the gate.

When the airport set out to innovate push notifications at Dallas Love Field, they wanted to answer the fundamental question that all travelers ask in their head when they arrive at the airport: “what exactly should I do right now?” And the test they ran was so successful that it was extended due to popularity. The signs speak to passengers in simple-to-understand ways, mimicking the type of language we would use with each other in normal, everyday interactions. Here are some of the unique messages displayed during the test, depending on flight status: 

  • “Skip the coffee. Your gate is closing.”
  • “Walk fast. Gate 7 is about to close.”
  • “Flight 1788, time to go.”
  • “Grab a bite and head towards your gate.”
  • “Last minute souvenir? You’ve got time.”

All in all, the displays and the information they provide are eye-catching, easy to digest and spoken in clear, simple terms. And it all leads to a much more stress-free environment, which is great because, as we can all agree, anything that minimizes stress at the airport is a good thing.

Location, location, location.
Location, location, location.

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