How Digital Signage Can Boost the Performance of Your Sales Team

The sales and marketing industry is highly competitive and fast-paced. Every day, sales professionals work hard to meet a quota and convert quickly. It’s no wonder that recent studies show that the sales profession is rated as the second most stressful job in the US. With the race to meet sales targets and strategic financial objectives, sales professionals need more than just skills and motivation. They need tools.

Digital signage for sales is changing the way companies run their day-to-day sales operations. Leveraging large screen displays and applications that can integrate with industry-leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies, companies are using signage to create interactive executive dashboards, gamify sales operations and track industry events in real-time.

Interactive Executive Dashboards

Digital signage is growing in popularity due, in part, to its crisp and clear imagery that demands consumer attention. Beyond these aesthetics, digital signage can be used to display content that can be leveraged to make data-driven decision making.

  • Salesforce Integration- Businesses are now integrating their signage with Salesforce, an industry-leading CRM that houses the business intelligence information sales organizations need to make informed actions and decisions. Four Winds Interactive (FWI) digital signage can be seamlessly integrated with Salesforce and other leading business tools, making it easy to pull reports and display KPIs that make an impact on your daily operations.
  • Interact with Data- This integration also allows for a real-time display of projects in the pipeline, total sales and revenue, portfolios that are lagging and how far the company is away from the target.

What’s more, digital signage is capable of providing an immersive and collaborative experience for your employees. Sales-focused digital signage allows people to interact with monitors through touchscreen LED displays to search, filter, reorganize and find information, making it easier to improve engagement among your sales team members as well as drive the actions that result in increased revenue.  

Gamification of Sales Operations

Interactive executive dashboards can also display top ranking sales professionals across multiple offices. However, beyond providing just a plain list, digital signage for sales can display more details such as the names of the closed projects, contract prices and how far each sales executive is from reaching their quota. This information can be easily pulled from Salesforce or any enterprise CRM software that your company is using.

  • Foster Employee Engagement-  Because of the level of granularity that digital signage for sales can provide, it offers a good opportunity for management to turn sales operations into gamified events. Gamification is the process of applying game mechanics such as badges, points and incentives to drive behavior. In the context of sales operations, gamification can be used to increase employee engagement. Employers can use it to provide rewards for employees who accomplish specific tasks like closing a sale through points or badges. Displaying a progress bar is another gamified technique that can improve employee engagement as it encourages people to keep working on a particular task until its completion.

Real-Time Tracking of Industry Events

A successful sale isn’t just about data science and hard work; sometimes it’s also about luck. However, to know precisely where these good opportunities lie, sales professionals need to know where the action is likely to be. There are a lot of digital signage uses for sales, but one application sales leaders rarely think about is using RSS feeds for real-time tracking of industry events.

  • RSS Feeds-  Interactive executive dashboards can be configured to display news feeds related to a sales team’s assigned industry or portfolio. In these cases, the RSS feeds can show news updates that can influence a sale in the pipeline.
  • Leverage Social and Collaboration Sites-  RSS feeds can also be used to increase employee engagement by pulling social media feeds from Twitter, Facebook and corporate collaboration sites such as Yammer and Chatter. With these feeds integrated into your digital signage, employees from various teams and departments can get to know what their peers are working on and learn a thing or two about different corporate endeavors.

Seventy-three percent of employees admit that sales is a very stressful job. Technology such as digital signage for sales is an excellent tool to drive the actions that drive success. Cloud-based digital signage can help your sales team become more agile and competitive, within your market.

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