How Digital Signage Can Improve Your Auto Showroom

A poster on a wall will never be as impressive as a high-definition video wall, which is why printed brochures and posters are taking a back seat in automotive showrooms around the globe. From promoting new car models to highlighting service departments, here are a few ways automotive showrooms are using digital signage to improve their showroom experience.

Improving Service Departments

Digital menu boards are a perfect choice for automotive showrooms and can be used to provide a list of available services and other real-time, relevant content. And many service departments choose to add interactive screens to empower customers to explore the various options on display, plus book a service appointment, right from the screen. Automotive digital signage is completely customizable and can link with a company's existing dealership management system (DMS) or customer relationship management system (CRM). In doing so, it can pull real-time information; ensuring customers have access to all available appointment time slots.

Four Winds Interactive’s (FWI) Integration Framework, Digital Menu Boards and Touch Screen hardware make this vision possible. FWI’s technology works by using application programming interfaces (APIs) that securely link with your existing DMS and CRM system to pull information that can be displayed on digital menu boards and interactive kiosks. Also, promotional content such as discounts and special offers can be set to adhere to a certain publishing schedule.

Immerse Customers With Video Walls 

Visualize this: a five-foot digital sign that greets customers, showing a video of the latest pick-up truck model. This form of automotive digital signage demonstrates, in HD, the torque of its engine, its interior design and its safety features. From the moment a customer enters your front doors, the vibrant content and sheer size of video walls command attention, driving interest and immersing customers in your brand. Automotive showroom displays, unlike traditional posters, cannot only show in detail a vehicle’s specifications and capabilities but it also allows dealerships to update content without additional costs and wait time.

With FWI’s Content Manager and Content Player, automotive showroom displays can post real-time branding and site-specific marketing content that can send targeted messages to customers. FWI’s Content Player can receive deployments from Content Manager so that videos, slides and feeds are always up-to-date. Plus, dealerships can power content to as many video walls and displays in as many locations as they want using FWI’s single software platform. When placed in service lounges, video walls can be used to keep customers informed with real-time status updates of their vehicle. When used in this way, automotive showroom displays can reduce customers’ perceived wait time, helping improve customer satisfaction.

Drill Down Care Features With Interactive Signage

When a prospect enters a showroom and looks at cars, they’d probably like to know which features and specifications go along with it. Touchscreen digital signage mounted beside the vehicles lets customers learn about all the details associated with any vehicle on your floor. These automotive stands can show detailed car specifications, photos, videos and can even be configured with a “send to email” function that allows customers to send car details to themselves for later reference. 

FWI’s Content Player for iOS and Android transforms iPads and Android tablets into interactive informational showroom kiosks FWI’s Content Player for Android and iOS also allow remote updating and troubleshooting, enabling a remote diagnostic scan to show CPU, disk storage, screen brightness and battery information.

Impressing potential customers means a lot to car dealerships. However, due to the highly competitive nature of the automotive industry, defensive marketing has become more vital. Automotive digital signage can be an effective tool to implement this marketing strategy, providing strong brand positioning that can put an automotive dealership one step ahead of its competition.

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