How Digital Touchscreen Technology Can Impact Customer Engagement

Digital touchscreen technology is present in almost every industry, from malls, hospitals and hotels to restaurants, banks and corporate offices. Interactive screens and kiosks are a great way to increase customer engagement, enhance the customer experience, increase spending and improve communications. No matter what industry, there are many ways to incorporate touchscreens into your communications strategy.

Here are just some of the industries where touchscreen technology can create better customer engagement.

  1. Digital touchscreens and the healthcare industry.

From busy hospitals and medical clinics to physician’s offices, touchscreens are helping to provide a better patient experience. Hospitals and large medical clinics can be overwhelming places for patients. Wayfinding screens provide directions to help patients and visitors get around. Digital screens can also be used to communicate important information about the hospital, the latest health alerts, educational programs and more.

On a smaller scale, physician’s offices can use tablets to make patient check-in and the collection of personal data and health history more efficient. Interactive kiosks can be placed in waiting rooms to provide information about the office, physicians in the practice and insurance. Plus, patients can use these interactive screens to search for information about certain health conditions.

  1. Digital touchscreens and the hospitality and casino industries

Digital touchscreens have been shown to increase engagement and spending in hotels, resorts and casinos. They can be used to make check-in and check-out smoother and more efficient, putting guests in a good mood right away. Wayfinding displays can also help guests navigate the property and find restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. Other digital signage applications throughout the lobby and common areas can also be used to promote upcoming events and specials.

Large hotels and casinos can sometimes feel impossible to navigate. FWI® PLAY™ and FWI® SUITE™ can help with that—plus do a whole lot more. FWI PLAY can help guests find their favorite games and maximize their usage of other casino amenities. And FWI SUITE offers everything from a powerful virtual concierge through a mobile app, GRTV and multiple revenue-driving applications.

  1. Digital touchscreens in restaurants

Digital signage in quick service restaurants is one of the best ways to advertise and promote menu items. Digital touchscreens can be used to display ongoing or limited-time offers, which can improve sell-through and increase individual sales. Menu boards also offer a dynamic way to showcase specials or new menu items. Screens can be programmed for designated areas and by the specific time of day.

  1. Digital touchscreens in stores, banks and corporate offices

Businesses have so many more opportunities to engage with customers and clients when they incorporate touchscreen technology into their digital signage. The moment customers walk through the door, greet them with video walls and signage that display your services or products. Interactive kiosks can provide information and allow customers to enter data while they wait, so that service representatives can provide help more efficiently. In retail stores, digital signage can display special sales or products that you want to promote. Customers can even place orders online and then pick up their items in the store or have them delivered. In all of these instances, digital signage can work to engage your customers or clients and increase brand awareness, while also boosting or closing sales.

Corporate offices can incorporate FWI® DIRECT™ to help clients and visitors navigate and find their destination, while FWI® BOOKED™ can help manage conference rooms more efficiently and reduce overbooking.

Digital signage and touchscreen kiosks are an excellent way to communicate with customers and increase engagement and spending. From hospitals, hotels and restaurants to retail locations, banks and corporate offices, there is almost no end to the ways digital signage can help your organization. FWI can help you install or improve your digital touchscreen communications.

Contact FWI today to get started.

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