How Meeting Room Signage Can Maximize Efficiencies

Managing meetings wastes a lot of time. An average work week can have as much as nine or ten conferences, with some employees spending up to five hours a week arranging them. With the sheer amount of time and effort required to organize these routine meetings, issues such as scheduling errors, inefficient use of meeting rooms and resources, wasted time and even damage to employee morale and client expectations are common.

The drive to have a more efficient conference room scheduler comes from the desire for a more flexible business environment. Market trends such as workforce mobility, mobile technology and visitor management push both small companies and large enterprises to have a more centralized conference room system that’s accessible from any location, over any connection and on multiple device types.

Why Switch to Conference Signage?

Fortunately, streamlining the meeting room reservation process can be done with the right technology. Meeting room signage can be used to help both small and large organizations save time and make the entire process of meeting room management more efficient. From saving time to streamlining visitor management, here are a few ways conference room signage can help your organization meet more efficiently.

Save Time

Unlike traditional paper-based systems, meeting room signage allows people of various roles in the organization to easily book their rooms, eliminating bottlenecks and double bookings. Room availabilities are also transparent, and everyone can see details such as maximum room capacity and floor plans. Employees can even book from their computers or directly from the meeting room signage, meaning meetings can be booked remotely or on-site in the blink of an eye.

Handle Meeting Room Usage

Managing meeting room usage can be time-consuming, but with the right tools, it’s easy to retrieve room information. With conference room signage, extensions and cancellations are automatically reflected in the system. A conference room scheduler can prevent reservation errors, as all information resides in the same system. Using meeting room signage as a scheduling tool also gives employees and visitors a lot of flexibility, as it shows the status of each room in real-time—whether it's available, reserved, extended or booked for an upcoming meeting.

And to make it easy for organizations of every size to implement a powerful meeting room solution, we’ve created a comprehensive meeting room signage package, FWI BOOKED.

 What is FWI BOOKED?

FWI BOOKED is an intuitive, interactive and visually rich room reservation solution that’s built on FWI’s robust Visual Communications software and Integration Framework, allowing it to link with various scheduling systems quickly.

FWI BOOKED can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange, Google, Calendar, Series25 and Dean Evans, enabling meeting room reservations to be made directly from computers or conference signage. Aside from its software capabilities, the hardware bundled with FWI Booked has color-changing LED lights, meaning the colors automatically switch from green to red to indicate room availability or the lights can even be programmed to match those of your brand. Aside from this, FWI’s conference signage also has built-in analytics that shows which rooms are always reserved, the frequency of people choosing a particular room and other meeting room management data.

Open Boardroom App 

When adding in the optional Open Boardroom app, FWI BOOKED provides a quick overview of every available meeting room in the facility. Large format screens displaying this app can be placed in common areas to allow easy booking of conference rooms, making the entire room management process even easier.

FWI BOOKED is available in both Android and Windows operating systems. It is bundled with the optional Open Boardroom app, Content Player, Content Manager and display hardware. Training and onboarding services are also included with FWI BOOKED so that you have everything you need to start immediately leveraging your new meeting room solution. 

A conference room scheduler is no longer a nice-to-have solution—it’s a necessity. With the demand for a highly flexible, fast and efficient organization, companies must make sure that they equip their employees with the right tools—tools that give them the power to perform their jobs better, faster and more efficiently. Due to its highly configurable and scalable design, FWI BOOKED is a pragmatic and cost-efficient solution for companies of all sizes. Conference signage has become the new meeting room management standard. Start optimizing your organization today.  

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