How Restaurant Digital Signage is Revolutionizing the Food Industry

Restaurants are constantly being challenged by customers’ need for instant gratification, personalization and variety, all while trying to stay one step ahead of the competition. Fortunately, restaurant digital signage can help the food industry increase their bottom line by making operations more efficient, allowing restaurant owners to easily update their menus, improving queue management and lowering marketing and advertising overhead, ultimately generating more in-store traffic and revenue. Here’s how.

Operational Efficiency

Digital menu boards are revolutionizing the food industry. Take the sales strategy of upselling and cross-selling. Upselling is a technique intended to induce an upgrade or add more expensive items, while cross-selling is the process of selling a totally different product to the customer at the point of sale. Regardless of which is more important to you, both can be improved with restaurant digital signage.

Restaurant digital signage can make upselling and cross-selling more efficient through “intelligent” digital menu boards. The technology works by integrating restaurant digital signage to an already existing Point of Sale (PoS) system. As a result of the integration, the system can show suggested pairings and favorite add-on items.

In addition to this, restaurant digital signage that’s tied with PoS systems can provide valuable insights through reports and analytics derived from transactions. These analytics can aid in decision-making, helping Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR)  position their products better.

Updating Menu Boards 

Creating dynamic restaurant menu boards using digital signage is another way to improve day-to-day operations By integrating with your PoS, you can ensure that your menu boards are always showing up-to-date, brand standard and localized information. In an instant, your menus can hide items that are out of stock, be altered to push promotional content and even automatically switch the featured items based on the time of day. 

Improve Queue Management

Digital menu boards are perfect for managing lines. Not only can restaurant digital signage help reduce customers’ perceived waiting time, but it can also help organize long lines of people waiting for their food. The secret sauce lies in the system’s capability to not only inform customers of their position in the queue but in the ability to provide relevant information that could enhance the overall customer service experience.

In doing so, restaurant digital signage takes advantage of the time a customer spends waiting by informing them of something related to the restaurant, whether it be special offers or new menu items. Instead of having customers stare at their cell phones while waiting for their coffee, why not use digital menu boards to show where your coffee beans come from? Does your company support local farmers? Show them your values and tell them a good story and they won’t even notice that they’ve been waiting for their latte for more than five minutes.  And the same theory applies to other QSR chains.

Lower Marketing and Advertising Overhead

Digital menu boards can also be used to lower marketing and advertising costs. Because of its capability to easily change content and withstand harsh weather conditions, restaurants can leverage digital menu boards for marketing and advertising not only indoors but also outdoors. Considered the holy grail of digital signs, digital menu boards can be easily divided into advertising zones, each promoting different content that can easily be changed relative to day or season.

FWI, for instance, has a ready-made advertising template wherein both static and dynamic content can be played and updated. Dynamic content such as a countdown function and rotating images are good ways to build anticipation for an upcoming sale, event or product while social media feeds displayed on digital signs and billboards is a good way to showcase positive customer experiences.  

Generate In-Store Traffic

Restaurant digital signage can also aid in driving in-store traffic by using digital signs to show how food is being prepared or highlighting the story behind a specific ingredient or dish. Another option is to showcase your best-selling product, encouraging passersby to come in the restaurant and eat or to change promotions to fit the time of day. 

Restaurant digital signage offers a level of flexibility that just isn’t available with other types of marketing. By leveraging digital menu boards to update menus, improve queue management and lower overhead, you can generate in-store traffic and see an increase in your bottom line.

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