How Schools Can Leverage Digital Signage When Class is Out of Session

Digital signage is transforming education. And not just a little bit. In the past decade, educational institutions have adopted digital signage in large numbers in an attempt to modernize and, more importantly, to meet the expectations of their young, tech-savvy students who don’t know a world without social media, smartphones and the Internet. To put it simply, it’s how today’s students consume information, interact with the world and communicate with friends and family. Your school should already have a plan to incorporate digital elements across campus.

If you choose not to incorporate an all-in-one Visual Communications platform, your school is no doubt missing a massive opportunity—whether it be making it easy for students and visitors to navigate your campus, increasing student engagement or promoting healthy habits and your core values.

But, of course, when classes end each semester there will certainly be a mass exodus of students from your campus and, as a result, the reach of your digital signage will be considerably less. That’s to be expected. But don’t let that give you the notion that your digital screens are useless during these times; they most definitely aren’t.

And when you think about it in terms of getting the most out of your investment, it’s important to find clever ways to leverage your digital signs even when your school’s grounds aren’t nearly as populated.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to figure out the best ways to utilize your signage while classes are not in session. And the specific solutions you come to should match your campus’ various needs and problems. But to make it a little bit easier, here’s a list of some of some of the most obvious uses for digital signage while school is out.

Promote the Rental of School Facilities

Renting out your school’s many conference rooms, student halls and athletic areas is a great way to boost your bottom line. So why not display their availability across your network of digital signs for visitors and students to see. And not only does this help raise funds, but it also creates a lively atmosphere of learning and interaction for your university during off-season months.

And, most likely, there will be no shortage of takers if you advertise your vacancies regularly across your screens. For example, student groups or Greek chapters might want to rent a facility to hold an activity for the students still in town during break. Or alumni might want to schedule a reunion in one of your facilities. Whatever the reason, it’s important to let people know the option is there if they need it.

Advertise Booked Events

Regardless of if your school is in session or not, it’s probably true that you have upcoming on-campus events. Needless to say, it’s important to let students, staff and visitors know far ahead of time so they can free up time to attend. By attracting prominent speakers or heavily promoting sporting events across your digital signs, you can keep school spirits high during your campus’ sleepiest times of the year. And also boost student engagement along the way.

Rent Out Digital Signs at Said Events

Now that you’ve scheduled more out-of-session events, it’s time to rent your screens at those events to advertisers. On top of letting local businesses run ads, you can let others promote more events on your campus, which you can also run ads and promote events at, keeping a constant cycle going, bringing in more things to do on campus during the off-season.

Don’t Forget the Students that Stuck Around 

While your digital signage strategy on campus should definitely shift focus during out-of-session months, it’s also important not to forget the students who stayed in town to take summer classes or who simply didn’t go back home. Basically, the fundamentals of your signage should remain intact so people can find directory listings, class schedules, directions around campus or any other basic information on your interactive screens with ease.

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