How to Create a Successful Customer Experience Using Digital Signage

An improved customer experience is the ultimate marketing tool. According to Gartner, 89% of marketers expect improved customer experience to be their business’ key differentiator. Research found that price is no longer directly correlated to loyalty, either. Rather, it is actually customer satisfaction that amplifies it.

While in-person facilitation of good customer service remains imperative, technology now offers a variety of possibilities to improve the customer experience. Strategically planned digital signage solutions are dual-purpose marketing and customer engagement tools capable of conveying a plethora of information.

Because digital signage solutions draw attention by displaying information that is relevant to the customer such as news, weather, sports or even key business information, studies show that digital signage displays can actually make customers in long lines perceive a 35% reduction in wait time.

Here are six tips for creating digital signage displays that can improve the overall customer experience.

Tell a good story

Every component in the digital signage display must work together to form a compelling story. As a tip, focus on your corporate history, culture and values. Show how your company got to where it is today. A compelling story will keep the audience engaged, and help you build brand loyalty. With digital signage, you can share pieces of information about your business that may not have been previously available for public consumption. And because it’s so easy to install digital signage displays, you can deliver that informtion—or other engaging content—wherever customers congregate.

Keep things simple

When using digital signage displays, throwing a lot of content in a single presentation can be tempting. After all, why wouldn’t you give the audience all the information you think they might need? Contrary to popular belief, though, keeping the content simple and clear is what makes it memorable. Simple does not only mean concise wording, it also means design; the sharper your text and images are, the clearer your messaging will be.

Create compelling designs

Digital signage displays can be art. Both in the signage installation and in the content creation, paying attention to the right color and text combinations helps you create something memorable. Vibrant visuals and animated content should not only catch the audience’s attention, but it should also encourage engagement.

Create location-specific content

This is very important, as what is appealing in New York may not be as relevant in Los Angeles. This takes more market familiarity, so getting access to market research is key. Make sure that you are giving each of your audiences the information they need; nothing more, nothing less.

Know your audience

You must know your audiences very well before executing a successful digital signage strategy. Craft your content, images and videos to communicate the experiences, values and ideas that your audience identifies with. For instance, values such as freedom, defying the status quo and driving change may appeal most to a younger audience but may not be that effective for an older one. Information based on quantitative data may be useful to an engineer but may appear too boring for most people. Remember, place yourself in your target customers’ shoes and from there, craft your digital signage message.

Measure your performance

In the beginning stages of planning your campaigns, decide which goals to focus on. Do you want your audiences to talk to your sales representatives right after seeing your content? Are you expecting an increase in your revenue for the quarter? Only by identifying your goals early will you be able to measure whether your campaign was a success.


Content is the soul of a digital signage display. When deciding to use digital signage, bear in mind that your content must tell a good story: compelling enough to solicit a reaction, yet simple enough to be understood by your target audience. Another key factor is location­­–place your digital signage displays around hotspots where dwell times are the longest. Video walls and large digital displays can drive endless possibilities for marketers to capture the attention of customers.

Digital signage solutions are revolutionizing the customer experience. And it’s an exciting, visually engaging revolution, indeed.


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