How to Drive More B2B Sales with Digital Signage

Your Sales team is the engine that keeps companies running, and when everyone is working toward a shared goal, the results can be amazing. There are thousands of software and tech options out there to help teams drive and increase their sales, but one of the most popular tools is Salesforce. And Four Winds Interactive (FWI) has a pre-built adapter to make it easy to visually represent key salesforce data.

Salesforce and the B2B Industry

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, with cloud-based applications to help with sales, service, marketing, commerce and more. By managing customer data, this intuitive platform helps uncover the needs of customers and highlights areas of opportunity. Since all of the information is in the cloud, the data is always available to everyone, even on mobile devices.

Enhancing Salesforce With FWI’s Powerful B2B Tools

Executives talk about using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track the success of various departments. Managing performance and increasing sales hinges on identifying KPIs and then positioning them in front of your workforce. FWI’s Visual Communications Platform integrates with Salesforce, and other internal business systems to display real-time sales data on digital screens throughout your office.

In the past, this kind of data might have been written out on a whiteboard or sent in a spreadsheet. FWI’s Visual Communications tools offer a more engaging way to show these results. All of the key metrics are displayed in real time, which helps drive the overall performance of individuals, teams and the company as a whole. 

Multiple Ways to use Visual Communications for B2B Sales Success

FWI’s internal executive dashboard displays the metrics you want your organization to focus on to drive your business objectives. This allows you to know exactly where you stand, which in turn, spurs action. You can show pipeline coverage, year-to-date goals, and every deal sold by the month or quarter. At the same time, you can show every deal in the pipeline, so you know what to expect. But the real power in using digital displays to show real-time KPI metrics is that you decide what you want to display based on what metrics are the most meaningful and actionable. Because once you’ve integrated your digital signs into your CRM, any of the data within that system could be pulled out and displayed in a visually appealing way.

The Power of Visual Displays

With the touch of a button, interactive digital screens can display the sales ranking of each individual throughout your entire sales organization. The dashboard can be configured to display the names and pictures of each person, with his or her revenue results beside it. This allows everyone on your team to know precisely where he or she stands at any given time. You can even customize the information on the display, so it corresponds to a specific team or department.

Since all of the information is displayed in real-time, this allows you to have immediate discussions about the data and make changes, if necessary. You can also use the information during weekly meetings with your sales team, allowing you to make adjustments based on the data.

Watch this YouTube video to see how Visual Communications can transform your data into an incredibly impactful sales tool.

FWI’s Visual Communications Cloud is a powerful tool that can integrate with Salesforce to turn your data into a dynamic, visual experience that drives B2B sales. Contact us today to get started.

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