How to Position Digital Signage to Your Boss

Whether you’re in a senior role at your company or an intern, convincing your boss of the advantages of using digital signage can seem complicated. Fear not! Although the name may sound intimidating, the concept is quite simple.

In order to effectively position digital signage solutions to your higher-ups, you first have to arm yourself with knowledge about the technology and how it can deliver tangible results. From the benefits of digital signage to the phenomenal growth of the industry, here are a few facts and figures you can give your boss.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a sub-segment of signage and is used as a means of conveying information to a consumer. It involves varying types of hardware and software, depending on the brand message. Display technologies can include LCD, LED or projection screens, and the content ranges from static to interactive.

The transportation industry, restaurants, entertainment venues, financial institutions, corporations, convention centers, stadiums and virtually every other industry is seeking more effective methods of communication. And they’re all turning to digital signs.

Some facts

If your boss likes numbers, the digital signage industry has a lot to offer.

Although facts are imperative to prove efficacy, selling digital signage technology will likely take more in-depth analysis. You must also demonstrate the benefits of digital signage and how it is relevant for your company. 

The benefits of digital signage

In order to build your case, you have to understand how to leverage the full potential of Visual Communications. No matter the type of content you want to share on your digital displays, there are many benefits to embracing this form of communication.

  • Express delivery of relevant information. You can deliver real-time information to any audience by leveraging powerful data integrations.
  • Increased agility. Digital signage technology can be updated as new initiatives arise.
  • Access to different audiences. Depending on where you place your signage, it can specifically target your preferred target audiences.
  • Decreased time-to- value. Since digital signage allows you to push out new content faster than other mediums, you can move forward quickly with any initiative.

It’s important to not only explain these benefits to your boss but also explore how a digital signage solution can help meet and exceed customer expectations.

Digital signage solutions

Selling the idea is the first step to incorporating digital signage, but implementing the solution is another story. Getting your boss to sign off on the initiative is a matter of understanding the technology and applying it to your current company climate.

As you put together your pitch, here are some key points to consider:

  • The skills and labor required to implement and design your digital signage solutions. Will there be a learning curve to the technology? Do you need to hire more people? Or would Visual Communications™ Management be helpful?
  • The amount of time it will take to implement the solution. What is involved from concept to installation? Which Implementation Services will be required?
  • The forms of content you plan on using. Do you want static or interactive content? The types of content you choose (as well as where they are located) should dictate the type of tech you need to plan on purchasing.
  • How can you measure results? What type of an effect is your digital signage implantation predicted to have on the company's ROI? Creating a clear plan for how to make money really helps to sell your boss.
  • How will this plan cater to your audience and fulfill a need or solve a pain point for them? Does it address any specific challenge?  Defining your business challenges allows you to narrow down a desired set of digital signage solutions.

When you approach your boss with not just an idea, but a well-formulated plan, it gives you that much more of an edge for getting approval on the tools you need to be successful in you task. Positioning digital signage to your boss is about demonstrating exactly what it is, how it fits into your company culture and the benefits of approving the initiative.

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