How to Use Digital Signage for Performance Management

Performance management isn’t just about knowing the metrics and crunching the numbers—it’s about visualization. We’re not talking about end-of-the-month status reports or charts that your analyst shows in PowerPoint presentations. We’re talking about real-time performance management and data visualization. Digital signage for performance management is becoming the trend for many industries, from contact centers and financial institutions through corporate offices, manufacturing facilities and more. The benefit of digital signage for performance management across industries is simple; displaying real-time data helps people make informed decisions, plus it increases awareness and recall. In this article, we will show you how call centers, financial institutions and executives in other industries can utilize digital signage to visualize their data to improve performance management.

Performance management in contact centers

Real-time monitoring of contact center KPIs is key to effective performance management. Digital signage solutions such as Four Winds Interactive’s (FWI) Visual Communications Cloud allow call centers to utilize their existing data, including average handling time and service level agreements (SLAs) and even recognize top employees.

Imagine a call center where team leads no longer have to second-guess their running metrics and operations managers don’t have to wait for manual reports just to know the customer satisfaction rate. FWI’s digital signage solutions make it easy to pull data from various databases and present KPIs as charts, histograms or scatterplots that are easily understood. High definition digital signage screens can be mounted on any contact center’s walls or ceilings making it easy to get the right information in front of the right employees.

Digital signage for performance management in call centers is also customizable. With multiple touch screen LCDs, signage can be placed strategically across call center bays to display custom KPIs serving each contact center account. Imagine an office where someone can just tap a screen to see their team’s profile and get a comprehensive overview of their performance, including average handling time, active and waiting calls, call abandonment rate, schedule adherence and SLAs. It doesn’t have to be imaginary—it’s possible.

Performance management in financial institutions 

To keep up with the fast-changing market, financial institutions are finding ways to not only offer a more competitive product and service portfolio but to communicate better with their customers. And that requires more transparent, real-time communication with employees. Performance management solutions for financial institutions are helpful to constantly remind employees of each department’s goal, encouraging them to take actions that are aligned with the bank’s strategy.

Digital signage for performance management in banks can also show how well teams are meeting their metrics, such as average cost per claim, claims ratio, quotas and average processing time. In addition, bank managers and directors can utilize digital signage to track, in real time, how well their branch is performing. Imagine interactive executive dashboards placed in executive rooms and meeting areas, displaying visually engaging charts allowing the VP and directors to drill down to information with a single tap. Critical decisions can be made as soon as a situation requires it, avoiding costly mistakes caused by delayed reaction times.

Digital signage for executive performance management

What if you could walk inside a room, take a step back and see in one glance how each department has been doing for the last few hours. You won’t have to wait for your managers to hand in their reports or call your IT department to ask why you can’t extract raw data from your business intelligence software. Performance management solutions for executives don’t need to be dependent on anyone or anything, nor does it need to be bureaucratic. And here’s the best part—these solutions can be purpose-built to fit the needs of executives across any industry.

Executives can mount their own productivity metrics and status boards, integrated with critical system applications such as Salesforce, in the comfort of their own office, or mount them throughout the office so everyone can see real-time performance data. Through this, financial and sales performances, KPI dashboards, portfolio status and even accounting dashboards can be monitored in real-time. And when you step out for a meeting, travel out of town for a convention or negotiate a deal abroad, you can carry the same metrics with on your mobile phone. FWI Mobile Workforce enables executives to access the same information that they have in their offices from their cell phones. This interesting webinar series is helpful for executives who wanted to utilize digital signage for performance management.

The benefits of digital signage for performance management across industries are vast. In fact, organizations can experience as much as 25% productivity increase just by implementing performance management solutions in their digital signage strategy. When starting to use digital signage for performance management, it’s important to first identify your organization’s key metrics and clearly define the actions you want to promote. After that, it all comes down to systems integrations and design—two things FWI excels at. Every organization has data capable of improving performance. Make sure you’re using it.

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