How to Use Digital Signage in Every Industry (Part 3)

Digital signage technology is applicable in virtually every business sector. This is especially clear in organizations where quick Visual Communications are essential to daily operations.

Digital signage is widely used in industries such as healthcare, food service and gaming. In each of these industries, experts have developed a variety of ways in which to utilize digital signage technology to improve the lives of their patients, clients or guests. The question of how to use digital signage in these industries is often brought up as seemingly every day brings new innovations and solutions. The following are just some of the ways these business sectors are utilizing digital signage technology.


Healthcare digital signage is a superb fit for the industry because communication needs to move quickly in the fast-paced environment. Visual Communications can be used in places like the lobby, cafeteria and waiting room to convey important information to patients and their families. The following are some simple ways in which critical healthcare information is disseminated to people in a facility:

Additionally, most healthcare digital signage can leverage functionality within the FWI platform to address ADA and HIPPA needs, making it the ideal communications technology for the healthcare industry. Part of the convenience of creating a virtual presence around healthcare messaging is to address the urgency of need. The only way this can truly be accomplished is if management has a facility-wide tool capable of delivering relevant information when and where it’s needed. Visual Communications is currently one of the best methods of conveying information that exists in the healthcare environment.


Restaurants (particularly quick-service) have found incredible flexibility with digital displays. Although most people are familiar with digital menu boards in QSRs, there are a variety of other ways restaurants have figured out how to use digital signage.

Using digital signage in the restaurant industry has been a natural solution due to its ability to improve the customer experience while also engaging customers with branded messages.


Digital signage in casinos can be used in several ways. Since this industry is particularly focused on marketing and entertainment, screens can be placed everywhere from the tops of slot machines to video walls spanning an entire floor. It simply depends on what challenge a casino is trying to solve. The following are ways casinos are utilizing digital signage:

  • Promote deals and local advertising
  • Drive traffic to live events
  • Integrate with guest loyalty programs
  • Promote in-house amenities
  • Manage front and back of house with one platform
  • Interactive wayfinding with mobile capabilities
  • Create an impactful lobby experience
  • Conference and event management

Casinos are revolutionizing digital signage technology, and they will continue to find ways to use it in every aspect of the business. As people are already highly engaged in these environments, casino signage can vastly improve their experience.

Strategically placed digital signage can also lead people to places in the casino where they may be selling higher-ticket items. It can be used as a virtual sales funnel on the casino floor through wayfinding to steer people in the direction that may drive the most revenue.

These industries all thrive with digital signage, based on different needs and challenges. Whether it’s a video wall engaging a patient in a casino or a menu board in a QSR, digital signage is the type of technology that can be installed and adapted to fit almost any environment.

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