How to Use Digital Signage in Every Industry (Part I)

Digital signage is an applicable technology for almost every industry, yet the number one question many organizations have is how to use digital signage within their industry. Visual Communications is a flexible technology and there are ways to integrate it within every form of business.

Digital signage use cases change in every industry but there are some common themes and technology that are practiced across multiple business sectors. The following are tips for using digital signage in the following industries: airlines, arenas, banking, convention centers.

Airlines and Airports

Activities within an airport exist on a time schedule and it’s critical that people are well informed of where they are at all times. Digital signage in airports is considered a universal platform for powering communication and can be used in a variety of ways. The following are just a few examples of how this technology is implemented:

  • Flight Information Displays (FIDs)
  • Baggage Information Displays (BIDs)
  • Gate Information Displays (GIDs)
  • Wayfinding
  • Passenger information
  • Directories
  • Preset event triggers

The airport industry is one of the top sectors for digital signage uses because it requires a system that facilitates information quickly and accurately. There is currently no modern airport that doesn’t use some aspect of digital signage.

Arenas & Professional Sports

The primary functions of stadium digital signage are to improve the experiences of fans and event attendees while also improving facility management and driving advertising and sponsorship revenue. Digital signage is pulling fans back into the stadiums as engagement is at an all-time high. The following are some ways in which the sector is utilizing the technology:

Banking & Investment Branches

A bank is not the most entertaining place to spend time, but digital signage can help. As a means of pulling the customer back into the brick and mortar of the business, banks are cleverly using digital signage to extend the online experience into their branches. The following are some simple ways in which they are employing the technology:

Bank digital signage is not only driving branch engagement, it’s energizing the customer and promoting frequent return visits.

Convention Centers

Digital signage in convention centers is all about fast and effective communication and disseminating real-time data quickly. If an event changes, everyone needs to know. And if something does move, digital signage can direct people. Convention centers are quickly becoming a category leader in the digital signage industry as they continue to find various uses for the technology, such as:

  • Conference and event management
  • Wayfinding
  • Virtual Concierge
  • Live streaming event content
  • Engaging video walls
  • Advertising and promotions
  • External information like weather and traffic

Once convention signage is deployed and after the first event, the facility can even use the technology to start collecting metrics to better manage events. The data can then be used to effectively plan future operations. 

It’s evident that digital signage is applicable across a variety of business sectors because it is flexible, adaptable and constantly evolving within each industry. For business owners, the question should never be how to use digital signage within their company, but when they can get started.

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