How to Use Touchscreen Kiosks in (Almost) Every Industry

You may not realize it, but touchscreen kiosks are rapidly becoming a huge part of our daily lives—from the self-checkout lines at the grocery store to ATMs and self-ticketing machines in nearly every cinema and airport. These days, interactive touchscreens are all around us.

The reason for the boom in interactive kiosks is obvious once you stop to think about it. For one, they can substantially improve user experience and engagement by reducing long lines and by providing relevant information. Second, they can drastically cut down on labor costs and, in turn, boost profits. And third, they are exceptional at enhancing both internal and external corporate communications.

But despite the numerous cost and time-saving benefits touchscreen kiosks provide, they are still severely underutilized in many industries where they could make a massive difference. Here’s how to best use interactive touchscreens in healthcare, hospitality, education and within the corporate enterprise:

Increase Operational Efficiency in Healthcare

Thankfully, interactive kiosks are making huge strides in reducing perceived hospital wait times as well as making the patient experience better in other ways too.

Check-in kiosks in lobbies and waiting rooms let patients check themselves in with as little disruption as possible. Not only does this create an accelerated check-in process on the patient’s end, but it also frees up the administrative staff from monotonous tasks and lets them focus on more complicated cases where special assistance is required.

On top of streamlining the patient check-in experience, interactive touchscreen kiosks in hospitals can be used for a variety of other purposes. By using touchscreen wayfinding, patients can be provided with turn-by-turn directions through often enormous and complex healthcare facilities.

Improve Customer Experience in Hotels

Just as airports have enhanced the traveler experience by using interactive touchscreens, so have many hotels. The advent of virtual concierge systems and interactive directories has enabled hotel guests to learn about the area and find out what activities, events and other opportunities are available. And, in addition to that, a virtual concierge can educate guests about the local culture and history as well as direct them towards important landmarks and points of interest.

Finally, your hotel’s interactive Visual Communications network can inform guests about basic hotel information like check-in/check-out times and pool hours to nix any confusion and put an end to your employees having to answer the same questions time and time again.

Boost Learning in Schools and Universities

No matter which way you slice it, students expect digital content. It’s their language. They are digital natives, after all. And for that reason alone, it should come as no surprise that the academic world is working hard to adapt their campuses to include touchscreen kiosks and other digital signage technologies. Your campus should too.

When placed around your campus, interactive kiosks can accomplish a great number of things, but perhaps most importantly, is its ability to promote participation and collaboration among your study body. Information such as upcoming events, extracurricular activities, class schedules and announcements can all be displayed and accessed on-the-fly by students.

Interactive kiosks also have many other practical uses on campuses, the main one being wayfinding. Campuses can be large, complex and difficult to navigate for first-year students and visitors. Wayfinding kiosks alleviate that challenge.

Improve Internal and External Corporate Communications

Fluid internal and external communications are paramount when it comes to driving consumer engagement and brand awareness as well as maintaining a collaborative workplace. Perhaps the easiest way to do this in your company is by implementing interactive touchscreens to optimize employee and consumer communications.

Customer-facing kiosks in high traffic areas are a brilliant way to inform customers of products, promotions and help with navigation. Not only does this generate highly engaged customers and increased brand advocacy, but it also advances marketing content and can boost sales significantly.

Your company should also utilize employee-facing touchscreens to promote collaboration, strengthen corporate values, track performance and display important data.

Whether you’re in a healthcare, hospital, education or corporate environment, touchscreen kiosks can be the difference between a satisfying visit and a tedious one. Make things easier for your customers, visitors and students by leveraging the power of digital signage. Contact us to learn more today.

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