Improve School-Wide Communications with FWI® CAMPUS™

The game has permanently changed in higher education. Mobile devices, social media, the Internet of Things and geolocation are some of the digital technologies responsible for revamping academia. Students are now digitally savvy, better connected and more vocal than ever. Here’s what you need to know about the digital transformation and how FWI® CAMPUS™ can help your school connect with students, visitors, faculty and staff.

The Digital Transformation of Universities

The emphasis placed on new technology has become a significant differentiator among universities, as those which are not equipped for the digital era often find themselves left behind. It is no doubt that being digitally connected has become a necessity for higher education institutions.

The question for educators is: how and where they should start their university’s digital transformation journey. With all the technology available today, it can seem like a challenge to find something that fits the specific needs of each campus.

Digital signage is the perfect answer. Digital signage for campuses can swiftly transform schools into organizations with more unified school communications, better campus safety, improved operations and centralized content management. The solution is FWI CAMPUS—a full turn-key digital signage solution for schools that can jumpstart any university’s digital transformation.

Create an Impact

FWI CAMPUS can improve a school’s ability to deliver information across multiple buildings and use cases. Studies show that digital signage attracts 400 percent more attention than static signs. FWI CAMPUS’ digital signs integrate with a university’s social media accounts and enterprise applications to inform everyone in real-time of important information.

Improve Navigation with Wayfinding

As a wayfinding and digital directory solution, FWI CAMPUS provides intelligent search and navigation systems that assist students, faculty and guests in searching for people, facilities, establishments and local attractions. In fact, FWI’s wayfinding system can provide detailed and guided instructions relative to a visitor’s current location and even has the capability to send instructions directly to a mobile phone.

Keep Students Updated with Digital Alerts

Campus safety and security is also a top concern for universities. By incorporating digital signage in schools, safety and security can be boosted with real-time emergency messaging integrations. FWI CAMPUS also has the capability for a broader reach, ideal for larger campuses or universities with multiple campuses.

Unlike emails, instant messaging and texts, emergency alerts on digital signage can be quickly turned on. FWI CAMPUS can be configured to display emergency alerts and instructions given specific triggers, or targeted messages can be manually deployed.

When using digital signage for emergency and security, keep in mind some best practices like placement in high-traffic areas, the consistency of emergency messages across campus, text readability and proper training among staff.

Manage Digital Signage Across Multiple Campuses

FWI CAMPUS enables school administrators to manage hundreds of digital signage screens not only within a single campus but across multiple cross-campus locations.

With FWI CAMPUS' Content Manager, keeping content up-to-date and fresh is easy. FWI can easily integrate with existing systems to retrieve relevant content elements automatically. Scheduled content delivery and playback time can be quickly set to assure that no signage is displaying stale information.

Be a Digital University with FWI CAMPUS

FWI CAMPUS is built for digital natives and can be used to link the digital world with a university's overall vision and strategy. FWI's cloud platform has the following features:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface to efficiently manage content
  • Built-in touchscreen function for an immersive and intuitive experience
  • Integrated workflows to enable cross-department collaboration in content production
  • Built-in adapters to integrate with a campus' existing emergency alert systems
  • Intelligent wayfinding solution that supports both 2D and 3D multiple-level maps
  • Available across major platforms and devices including iOS, Android, BrightSign and Windows

Digital signage is the perfect way to jumpstart your campus’ digital transformation. With FWI CAMPUS’ incorporated content management functionality, built-in integration adapters and cross-platform compatibility, universities can start their digital journey with low risk and small upfront costs.

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