Interruptions vs. Recurrences

October 4, 2019 Josiah Feuerbacher

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another instance of DoYouFWI. Last week, we looked at recurrences, and how you can schedule your content using one or more patterns of play. Recurrences are great when you want to add new content seamlessly into your current rotation, because each piece of content waits for its turn to be displayed.

This week, we’re going to look at another scheduling topic: Interruptions. Interruptions can supplement recurrences to help you finely control when and where your content appears. But unlike recurrences, interruptions don’t wait for their turn. Think of an interruption like breaking news, or a timely announcement. No matter what content is currently player, or if it is finished with its full play, an interruption causes the region to be taken over at an exact date and time. In short:

Recurrences are patient.

Interruptions are impatient.

Recurrences wait their turn.

Interruptions… well, they interrupt!

Let’s look at an example where interruptions are used. In the example below, I have scheduled three images to play all day, everyday.

But let’s say I have an important announcement that needs to play at EXACTLY 6:00 pm every day. I will add the announcement, remove its recurrence, and add an interruption by right clicking on the content and choosing “New Interruption”.

In the Interruption window, set the time, range, and pattern of your interruption. In this case, 6:00pm with no end data, and I want this announcement to appear every day (daily):

Press the OK button, and in your timeline you will see a thin vertical yellow line. That yellow line represents the interruption:

And that’s it! Pretty simple, and this lets you determine exactly when you want your announcements to be displayed.  Of course, the Four Winds Interactive platform also lets you trigger content on demand, but we’ll save that for another post.

Now is a good time to add, if you have any topics that you want covered, share your idea on social media using #DoYouFWI. If it gets covered in a weekly #DoYouFWI, I’ll give you a shout out!

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