Is This a Sign of Things to Come? Yes!

In my previous post about employee engagement, I outlined a few of the internal Visual Communications initiatives that were driving results here at FWI, plus the ROI behind them. As a quick recap, our attrition rate dropped by nearly 50% and conservative calculations showed a whopping 500% ROI on my department’s use of the signs. Yes, you read that right, but feel free to check my math!

So, with ROI numbers like those, we’ve surely appeased the fiscally minded folks out there. But what about the people who look past the bottom-line? People like me. HR professionals that truly care about their employees. Don’t get me wrong; I was ecstatic about our decreased turnover rate and the incredible savings that went along with it. But I was more excited about our employee engagement rate and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Those are the metrics that really help paint the complete picture.

Before we get into our results, let’s start with a baseline. For years, the national employee engagement rate has stagnated around 30% and the NPS has hovered right around 40%. I find it really disheartening that such a small percentage of our national workforce feels engaged. Equally upsetting is the large amount of people that wouldn’t recommend their company to someone else. It does take a concerted effort, but those abysmal statistics can be improved.

Now for the fun part. The results. After putting some energy into using our software for HR purposes, our employee engagement rate jumped from a respectable 64% in 2014 to 74% in 2015. We hadn’t measured our NPS score previously, and the results were astounding, to say the least. 77% of our employees would recommend FWI as a place of employment! So, what did our most recent annual employee survey say?

Here’s where things get really interesting. FWI was (and still is) growing rapidly. In fact, in October of 2015, we moved to a new headquarters as our ranks swelled to over 350 employees. Our new building truly is the “Workplace of the Future” with different Visual Communications applications running on over 300 screens throughout the 50,000 square foot space. We released quite a few new apps, all downloaded from the FWI Store, configured them to meet our brand standards and deployed them to our screens. One of my favorites was our new employee badging app, which integrated with Salesforce and enabled any employee to publicly recognize a co-worker for exceptional performance. It displayed a picture of the person being recognized followed by the reasons why, as well as a picture of the employee that initiated the badge. Our employees embraced the new format along with all of the recognition options and have awarded an average of 145 badges each month since the app was released. From my perspective, that’s such a clear indicator of how powerful digital signage for corporate communication is. But did all of our efforts in the new space continue the upward trajectory of our results?

Yes! Our employee engagement rate is 76% (that’s 133% higher than the national average), our NPS is an astounding 83% and we decreased turnover by 50% for the third year in a row. Year over year, we keep improving our results, and I’m convinced that the ability to prominently display our engagement initiatives on screens throughout the office plays a major role in those statistics. To me it’s clear; when employees all have equal access to relevant information, they thrive. And so does the business as a whole.

The Future of Employee Engagement
The Future of Employee Engagement


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