Keep Students More Engaged

How Digital Signage Keeps Students More Engaged

Part of the college experience comes from the relationships that are formed with peers and faculty, not to mention activities outside of the classroom like football games, concerts, clubs and other events. And those experiences can be enhanced through effective communication. Of course, that can be difficult on a college campus. Universities are often spread out, and some colleges even have multiple schools across different parts of the cities they call home. FWI® CAMPUS™ and its pre-built digital signage applications offer a dynamic, high-tech way to connect students and foster more engagement.

Why Student Engagement is so Important

A study by the Center for Community College Student Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin found that “Student learning, persistence, and attainment in college are strongly associated with student engagement. The more actively engaged students are—with college faculty and staff, with other students, with the subject matter they are studying—the more likely they are to persist in their college studies and to achieve at higher levels.”

Students who are engaged do better in school and form stronger relationships, and they go on to excel once they leave college. Educators and school administrators recognize the importance of student engagement, but the tools for creating community have evolved. Digital signage represents a new way to speak directly with students—one which can be easily adapted as student preferences change.

Effective communication can also be used to keep students safer on campus, something top of mind for most higher education institutions. Digital signage can be used to instantly spread vital messages informing students what to do in the event an emergency.

FWI CAMPUS Keeps Students Engaged and Informed

Today’s college students were raised with technology in their hands. They are digital natives, and they expect intuitive digital communications. FWI CAMPUS allows you to manage digital signage across your entire university, even multiple locations, with ease.

Where is Digital Signage Most Effective?

Digital signage can include video walls, dynamic and static message boards, menu boards, interactive kiosks, wayfinding stations and more. Given the flexibility of this type of communication platform, digital signage applications are useful across multiple use-cases.

Here are Just a Few of the Top Options:

  • Student unions
  • Cafeterias
  • Inside classrooms
  • Research facilities
  • Study rooms
  • Dorm rooms
  • Libraries
  • Football stadiums
  • Campus bookstores
  • Faculty lounges
  • Main walkways


FWI CAMPUS offers access to a cutting-edge software platform, with ten pre-built applications that can be customized and branded to reflect the spirit and culture of your university. Use these applications to reinforce school pride and spread relevant information in a more effective manner.

7 Ways Digital Signage can Transform Your Campus:

  1. Promote engagement with relevant student content such as registrar information, upcoming events, campus news, building information and local weather and news.
  2. Signs in buildings can display room numbers, schedules and locations of classes.
  3. Students can look up information about campus facilities and faculty at interactive kiosks.
  4. Wayfinding stations can help students, faculty, and guests navigate the campus more easily.
  5. Digital screens can also be integrated with the school’s social media feeds to display the latest posts.
  6. Manage and book meeting, conference or study space in any building on campus.
  7. Digital signage is also an excellent tool for communicating with faculty. Display departmental announcements, campus-wide information, and employee recognition.
  8. Perhaps most importantly, emergency messaging allows you to quickly disseminate critical information. You can automatically or manually deploy messages campus-wide or to specific buildings or areas on campus.

All of these tools can also be connected to mobile devices so that students can get information on the go.

Case Study: See how the University of West Virginia transformed its student communications system with the help of FWI.

Student engagement on college campuses is critical to help promote academic success, foster a sense of community, disseminate information, and keep students and faculty safe in the event of an emergency. Contact us today to get started.

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