Key Challenges Restaurants Face When Deploying Digital Signage

There is no question that digital signage in restaurants has accounted for some of the most successful deployments in digital signage history.

Despite digital signage meshing so well with the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry, business owners still face a range of issues when integrating restaurant digital signage. The following are a few examples of the obstacles some QSR chains have encountered, and some tips on overcoming them.

The Primary Roadblocks to Deploying Digital Signage in Restaurants

Although technology is designed to make our lives easier, getting to that point is often the biggest challenge. Installing any new system of operations can have a learning curve and many business owners may be hesitant to make the change without knowing all the pitfalls ahead of time. There are many things that can stand in the way of deploying this new technology, but the important thing to keep in mind is that there are just as many solutions.


Planning is the first stage of any effective QSR digital signage installation, but it all falls to the wayside if internal communication is off. Restaurants typically have a large staff, so getting everyone on board with a major change can be difficult. This is especially true if employees are expected to maintain and use the signage to perform their daily duties.

Solution: It starts with management. During the planning phases of a digital signage implementation, senior leadership should be championing the technology. Rather than force change, active and open communication will help ease the new signage into daily operations. If employees are responsible for managing any part of the project, training should begin in the beginning stages of implementation.


The fear of cost is something that very much stands in the way of deploying digital signage in restaurants. Regular menus—even chalkboards—can be traditional methods that are tough to break when the expense of implementing digital signage technology is considered.

Solution: The lifelong savings far exceed the upfront costs. MGM installed digital signage that displayed specific menus and drink specials in their lounges and saw a 37% increase in sales. These spikes in sales earnings far account for the expense of implementing digital signage in restaurants. If you are still unsure whether the technology is right for your business, a quick cost-benefit analysis should clearly demonstrate the overall savings of this system.


Restaurant digital signage depends on displaying the right information in the right place, at the right time. One challenge business owners may face is when they have multiple locations, each with varying messages and menus that must be displayed at specific times of day. The ability to manage the technology in a localized sense is something that scares many restaurant owners out of installing displays. They want to be sure they are displaying the right content for each regional location, and aren’t sure exactly how to do this. 

Solution: Unencumbered flexibility to scale the network is how successful deployments work around this challenge. Software that allows for real-time content changes across a network—with a central location for management—can help business owners get the right information, to the right places. Plus, you can enable multiple people and departments to contribute and edit content, ensuring only relevant information displays on your screens.


In the restaurant industry, timing is everything and a digital signage solution has to deliver the right menu products, items and specials, at the right time. A key challenge that restaurant owners face when deploying digital signage is the timing of content. QSR Visual Communications should be able to switch from lunch to dinner without being prompted. Content also needs to be scheduled around varying time zones and special menus. 

Solution: A powerful and robust scheduling functionality will solve the issue of timing with restaurant digital signage. FWI’s powerful scheduling capabilities allow you to easily manage when content plays across multiple solutions and endpoints.

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