Patient Communication: Doing More with Less

With the rapid changes and growth within healthcare, how do you keep your patients and visitors informed of the services offered, awards received and renowned physicians providing innovative care? The way hospitals interact with their patients and visitors directly influences overall patient satisfaction as well as brand loyalty. In fact, the ability to provide relevant, timely messages that inform and educate the patient can help provide a better connection to the hospital and your health system, improve the perception of care and increase understanding of the services and resources available.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations often rely upon paper-based products (flyers, posters, banners), along with email blasts, media ads and other mechanisms as primary channels of communications. While posters and paper flyers may seem to be easy to create and distribute, they are quickly outdated due to their effect on timeliness, relevance and cost within the organization—especially with multiple locations. This is where technology comes in. Healthcare digital signage is designed to help hospital communication and marketing teams do more with less. By leveraging this technology, hospitals will be able to personalize message delivery, reduce reliance on paper signage and broaden the reach of digital marketing campaigns.

Personalize the Message

Personalized communication can not only help make a hospital’s services more relevant and meaningful, increasing their value, but it can also provide an overall impact, helping to connect to the patient and their family with your healthcare system. Effective patient communication can be achieved by integrating digital signage with a hospital’s existing communication workflows. For example, most cancer center communications teams will have rotating images, videos and other relaxing content that may occasionally include a message about support resources and other community-sponsored activities. Whereas, in adult medicine, there could be messages geared toward flu season, general wellness tips, hospital awards or recognition and information about how to access a patient portal. 

Hospital communication teams can tailor patient messages by location, by schedule—or both—all from a centralized system. Content can be developed and scheduled ahead of time, based on different campaigns, seasons or community events that are important to share throughout the hospital. With Four Winds Interactive’s (FWI’s) Content Management system and its built-in robust scheduling capability and drag-and-drop interface, hospital staff can create content that’s relevant to multiple patient personas and publish it in a specific location, at a particular time.

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