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How to Bring Your Casino to the Next Level With FWI PLAY

Casinos are like cities unto themselves. They can cover vast areas and employ thousands of employees—and they can host hundreds of thousands of guests every year. As you can imagine, communicating with guests and employees across such an expansive area is a challenge, but it’s one FWI PLAY can handle.

How FWI PLAY Takes Casinos to the Next Level

FWI PLAY is a powerful tool for improving guest loyalty, boosting on-site spending and promoting a casino’s amenities—while also engaging employees. FWI PLAY enables you to create the most immersive guest experience possible from the moment a guest enters your casino.

FWI PLAY Features 20 Core Applications and 54 Unique Layouts, Including:

·       Gamefinding & Wayfinding configurations

·       Table game sign layouts

·       Menu board layouts

·       Applications for back-of-house

How FWI PLAY can Improve Applied to Casino Operations

FWI PLAY makes communicating with guests and employees easier—throughout your entire casino. Here are just a few ways to use digital communications:

The FWI PLAY Experience Starts in the Lobby

As you know, the guest experience starts the moment people enter your building. By incorporating digital signage throughout the lobby, with custom graphics and videos that highlight your casino’s brand, you can create a memorable experience right from the start.

FWI PLAY Offers an Engaging Way to Advertise

Digital signs can be used to advertise other amenities in the casino, including live shows and concerts, special events, store promotions, dining options and more. This is a great way to maximize everything your has to offer, which leads to more onsite spending.

FWI PLAY Helps Guests Find Their Way

The vast, labyrinth-like design of casinos is confusing and overwhelming. It’s easy for guests to get lost, which can be a source of frustration. FWI PLAY includes an interactive wayfinding application as well as directional wayfinding application to help guests find their favorite games and maximize their usage of other amenities on the property. Again, this helps increase guest spending throughout your casino.

FWI PLAY is the Ultimate Employee Communication Tool

Digital screens are also useful in the back-of-house break areas, employee dining rooms and areas where employees enter the casino floor. Signs can be used to display information about what’s happening throughout the casino and hotel, including dealer and floor schedules, show schedules, the day’s special events and other news that can help the staff create the best possible guest experience. 

Casinos must have an innovative, high-tech way to communicate with guests and employs—that’s just table-stakes in today’s digital-first world. FWI PLAY offers dynamic, customizable options that can improve guest relations, increase spending and loyalty and transform the way casino operators engage and inform employees.

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