Previewing Future Content

October 4, 2019 Josiah Feuerbacher

So let’s say you have a company meeting coming up and you want to schedule some content to play during the event. We’ve already looked at how to set up recurrences in the software, which allows you to schedule the content, but what if you need to SEE what the content is going to look like on the day that it is scheduled? 

Well strap on your hoverboard Marty McFly because we’re going to take a look into the future. 

But before we begin, there’s an important term you’ll want to look for as we’re discussing previewing future events. I wish it was some catchy trademark like “FutureCast” or “Window to Tomorrow”, but alas, that’s not the case. The term that you’ll want to remember is Effective Local Time, or ELT for short. 

The Effective Local Time (ETL) is the date and time at which we are currently previewing. This could be any date or time, in the future or past. When you are looking at the scheduling timeline in Content Manager, the ETL is represented by a thin, vertical red line, as seen below:

As you can see from the timeline above, the ETL is sometime early in the day on Friday. The Company Announcement isn’t scheduled to play until Saturday, though. 

So in order to preview Saturday’s announcement, you can do one of three things. 

Option 1: You can simply drag the thin red line, which represents Effective Local Time, to the date and time that you want to preview. As you drag, a pop-up dialog box will give you the new ETL. 

Option 2: You can manually enter an ETL by selecting Tools > Effective Local Time from the main menu. 

Option 3: If you are already previewing your sign and want to change the date or time that you are previewing, you can click on the ELT: Date/Time text in the upper right hand corner of the preview. This will open the same Effective Local Time menu as Option 2. 

That’s it. Changing the Effective Local Time allows you a glimpse into the crystal ball (or a ride in the DeLorean), and the ability to see the changes that you’re scheduling before they happen. 


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