Six Ways to Leverage Digital Signage in Airports

More than transit hubs, airports have morphed into a place where travelers can eat, shop and rest before a long flight. As a place consistently buzzing with people, the demand to keep up with various customer needs can be challenging and frustrating to airport management. Fortunately, one tool can help improve multiple aspects of the passenger experience—that tool is airport digital signage.

Airport display boards have developed into more than static signs that show passengers which way to go. This week, let us explore six things that airports can do to maximize the benefits of their digital signs.

Deploying the Technology

An efficient airport display board goes beyond displaying static information. Modern flight information display systems (FIDs), baggage information display systems (BIDs) and gate information display systems (GIDs), which Four Winds Interactive’s (FWI) Visual Communications Cloud can support, enable airports to provide a better passenger experience.  The FWI Visual Communications Cloud makes it easy to pull data from multiple airport operations databases (AODBs) and display that timely information in an impactful way. Also, its completely customizable components make airport digital signage the perfect platform to solve a variety of challenges. Here’s how:

1. Passenger Information
A flight information display system can make learning about a flight’s status easy. An airport display board can show tourist information such as:

  • Flight arrival and departure schedules
  • Notifications of delays
  • Gate change notifications

And GIDs and BIDs are also helpful when passengers are locating their gates or trying to find their baggage terminals. The beauty of each solution lies in the simplicity of the messaging and the relevance to the passenger at certain stages of their journey. Plus, FIDs, BIDs and GIDs are all integrated into their respective backend systems so they automatically update as things change—a common occurrence in airports.  

2. Wayfinding
Airport display boards, when used as a wayfinding solution, can efficiently guide travelers to their destinations, improving their overall experience. FWI’s Wayfinding solution can display 2D and 3D mapping, multi-stage and dynamic maps and even mobile wayfinding. With wayfinding in airport display boards, customers can:

  • Quickly search for airport stores, facilities, amenities and more.
  • View airport establishments and amenities in a single or multi-level view, which is very helpful for spatial orientation
  • Receive turn-by-turn instructions to their destination through their mobile phones or tablets
  • See events and promotions nearest to a travelers’ current position

3. Emergency Information
FWI's Emergency Messaging application is an out-of-the-box app available in the FWI Store that can be used as an emergency notification tool. Use airport display boards to:

  • Alert passengers of a disaster, accident or other events
  • Provide step-by-step instructions for safe evacuation, pointing people to nearest emergency exits
  • Provide direction arrows guiding passengers to the right route
  • Show instructions to airport staff about how to obtain additional resources and equipment
  • Display airport maps, building locations and airport grounds information useful for safe evacuation

4. Infotainment
Enduring long and tedious waiting periods isn’t a new concept. To help travelers pass the time during these unavoidable circumstances, use airport display boards as useful infotainment tools to show various forms of media. Use airport display boards to:

  • Show live television and news flashes
  • Play airport trivia, facts about the country and tourist information
  • Display various content about travel, cuisine, home, motorsports and business
  • Provide useful travel tips

6. Advertising
Airport advertising helps firms establish a significant presence by evoking a feeling of trustworthiness, prestige and distinction. Not only do airports provide uninterrupted reach to travelers, but they’re a prime space that can effectively communicate to a more influential and financially capable audience. Use airport displays to:

  • Provide targeted and dynamic advertising that is easily configurable
  • Display customized advertising messaging fit to a location, time of day or event
  • Reinforce an airport's brand identity

Airport display boards can be used to provide passenger information, wayfinding, emergency information, infotainment, advertising and more. With FWI’s Visual Communications Cloud, airports can help improve a passenger’s satisfaction rate, which can ultimately stimulate repeat visits and add to an airport’s bottom line.

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