So, What Exactly Can You Use Digital Signage For?

We are in a precarious state where there’s simply too much information. Customers have become deaf to the myriad of advertisements, and employees move corporate emails to the trash without even opening them. But, when we see a huge screen displaying colorful, well- designed content, we glance up and we focus on the message. In this article, we will show you how to use digital signage for performance management, employee engagement, customer engagement and corporate real estate applications. This way, you can break through the noise and bring the results you’ve been aiming for, regardless of your intent.

Performance Management 

Since digital signage is characterized by high-definition, crisp displays with good color contrast and clear readable text, they are perfect for performance management, regardless of industry. But, how should you use digital signage for performance management? Businesses leverage executive dashboards and other purpose-built corporate digital signage solutions to display real-time metrics countdown clocks, stacked performance rankings and more to provide better visibility into organizational performance.

Intelligent touch screen hardware can help bring executives to the forefront of data-driven management by providing real-time information that can be drilled into with the touch of a finger. At the same time, departments can leverage their own data by weaving digital signage solutions into their everyday processes. By displaying key metrics and targets of each department, the entire workforce can be informed of their daily, monthly or yearly goals. The same digital signage solutions can be mounted in areas with high foot traffic, to show everyone in the organization what each employee needs to achieve. This can be in the form of count-up and countdown clocks that reinforce certain values and desired behaviors, such as teamwork and focus or it can be represented in a variety of other, visually engaging formats. 

Employee Engagement 

How digital signage is used for employee engagement depends on the overall HR strategy. For example, digital signage solutions can be used to make announcements, celebrate milestones or congratulate an employee on a recent marriage or the birth of a child. Digital signage solutions mounted in lobbies, cafeterias and meeting rooms help foster a sense of community-- communicating that each employee is instrumental in the overall success of the organization.

At the same time, HR can use digital signage displays to recognize top performing individuals not only by displaying their pictures and what they have achieved, but also the story of how they got there. This HR strategy can not only function as a form of an intrinsic employee reward system, but it is also very useful in fostering organizational values like hard work, resiliency or creativity. Finally, collaboration and communication is key to a happy and highly engaged workforce. HR teams can utilize the power of social media and integrate it with digital signage to increase employee engagement that extends beyond the office. 

Customer Engagement 

Digital signage can be used to increase customer engagement by displaying the right message to the right demographic at the right time. Digital signage solutions enable retailers to display customized content relative to their target demographic. For example, a retail store in New York may not sell as many leather boots as a branch in Tokyo. By using digital signage displays, content that fits each retail store’s buyer personas can be leveraged to increase sales.

Digital signage solutions can also reinforce consumer branding strategies that are key to building customer loyalty. By promoting these values through digital signage displays, retail stores can position themselves as socially and economically aware entities that support humanitarian causes.

Corporate Real Estate

There are numerous challenges surrounding the management of any large corporate office. Luckily, there are an equal number of digital signage solutions that ease the burden of facility management. Top companies leverage meeting room management and employee directory applications to improve how a building’s shared spaces are used as well as how employees and visitors navigate the facility. And because FWI’s digital signage platform integrates with every major back-end business system and event management software, getting the right content on the right screens is easy.

 Digital signage can also be applied to hoteling—the idea that moving away from a rigid seating model into something more flexible can unlock astronomical savings. By using an interactive hoteling solution, executives can maximize the use of their office spaces, bringing tremendous cost savings. With just a few taps, employees can reserve an available desk, office or meeting room—in real-time.

As you can see, digital signage is malleable and can be tweaked to fit virtually any industry, purpose or requirement. All you need is a little creativity and help from the Visual Communications experts at FWI—contact us today!


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