Static or Interactive Content: Which is Right for You?

Once a company decides to move forward with digital signage, they’ve got to answer a few questions. What type of hardware should be used? Where should it be placed? And more importantly, what digital signage content should be displayed? But one of the most critical decisions when creating a brand message through digital advertising is how it should be delivered.

The first thing to remember about digital signage is that the desired message defines the medium. Typically categorized as either static or interactive, the content you choose to display depends on screen location, budget and your overall goals. Here, we’ll cover both types of content and take a look at how top brands are using interactive and static content to their advantage.

Static content

Digital signage will always be much more interactive than print, and when venturing into digital marketing, static content is the easiest place to start. Although the name can be confusing, static does not necessarily imply a lack of motion. Rather, this type of content does not change or adapt to the environment and includes a variety of media from text and photos, to audio and video.

The way in which a company uses static content depends on the message and intent. Are you trying to show customers how to get somewhere, or are you trying to increase sales? Brands are using static content to reduce costs, engage customers and enhance corporate messaging—and many are getting it right!

Successful static

MGM is one of those brands that has mastered static content. They use it in a variety of ways, one of which is to increase sales. A 10-day ticket promotion created for their casinos (The Mirage and New York, New York) sold 1,090 tickets and generated $86,000 in revenue. This was static content strategically displayed on digital signage in places with high traffic. It simply consisted of bright colors and a helpful message that prompted guests to take action.

Additionally, MGM uses static digital signage to solve issues with their menus. They needed a dynamic solution to take control of menu changes that were getting stuck in graphic design.

This holdup was causing menu changes to take up to 10 months, while MGM was losing money each month. After introducing their static signage, and giving the reigns to the Food and Beverage staff, they were able to speed up the process of changing items, thus saving thousands of dollars for the company.

In addition to static content, many companies also display interactive content in their marketing strategies.

Interactive content

Just as the name suggests, digital signage content that is interactive involves customer participation. The software is built to respond to a user's actions and this type of content can range from text to moving images, audio, visual, animation and games. Interactive digital signage is typically developed around programs that are easily managed remotely.

Additionally, interactive content can be monitored, making it easy to track engagement and optimize the user experience.

MGM also uses interactive digital signage content in their Visual Communications™ strategy. The displays are particularly useful for wayfinding in the casino, and as a virtual concierge in their hotel. Additionally, guests can check their "Player's Club" status, see current point balances and more.

Which is right for me?

The success of your content marketing depends on whether or not you can reach your customers with relevant information. So, which is the best type to use? The real answer is that there isn’t one. Some companies may find that static or interactive works better for them, whereas others may use a combination of the two. When it comes to content, the ultimate deciding factors are your desired results.

Customer engagement is the primary goal for modern marketing and no matter what content you choose, you’re already a step ahead by using digital content in the first place.

Successful Digital Signage Content: A Guide
Successful Digital Signage Content: A Guide

If you're starting to develop your own digital signage content, there are a few things to keep in mind.

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